Manageable PROFINET switches SIEMENS SCALANCE X-300



Which switch for PROFINET networks?

Which switch for PROFINET networks?

PROFINET switches are considered to be manageable industrial switches for which the manufacturer supplies a GSD file. With the GSD file, you can insert the switch into the HW configuration of the PLC. If you do not need to insert the switch into a project, then choose industrial and especially manageable switches that support LLDP and SNMP. These two protocols allow you to generate the PROFINET topology in diagnostic tools.

Manageable switches, in contrast to non-manageable switches, also handle packets much faster and better. They enable you to perform better diagnostics of the PROFINET network, find errors more easily and thus minimize unplanned downtime and costs in the event of a communication failure. We do not recommend using unmanageable switches in PROFINET networks.