Remote access of PLC systems, HMI panels and computers - Připojení k internetu - přes WAN port + 4G EU

Ewon Cosy+ 4G EUEwon Cosy+ 4G EU

Ewon Cosy+ 4G EU / Ethernet router

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Industrial router for remote connection to PLC, HMI or PC via Talk2M cloud service. It connects to the Internet via a built-in 4G EU modem…


VIDEO guide to remote management via Ewon routers

VIDEO guide to remote management via Ewon routers

Ewon / HMS industrial routers are rightly among the most widely used global solutions for remote management of PLCs, robots, industrial computers and HMI panels over the Internet. But today, remote management alone is no longer enough, so Ewon routers are among the few that can additionally read (write) data from remote PLCs, store it in memory or send it to remote computers, databases, visualizations, etc. More information can be found in our video guide.