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The way we built our PROFINET portfolio is the same as the way we built our PROFIBUS portfolio – we offer components for creating PROFINET networks and devices for one-off as well as continuous PROFINET measurement. Compared to PROFIBUS, PROFINET requires you to take care of infinitely more things.
That's why the right choice of components, topology, switches, analysers and above all training is key to reliable PROFINET networks. Apart from installations of third-party products, FOXON has developed and implemented a solution for continuous monitoring of PROFINET stations, using the ThingWorx IoT platform. This solution is used to monitor over 10,000 PROFINET stations on the Škoda Auto a.s. factory floor. We'll be happy to share our extensive experience with you. You can consult us about the right design, commissioning, measurement and continuous diagnostics of small as well as large PROFINET networks.


profineten / 09/30/2020

Continuous PROFINET Monitoring Is Now in Czech

The company PROCENTEC has released a new version of its Osiris software. But this one is unlike any other – it now features Cze...
profineten / 06/04/2018

PROFIBUS & PROFINET Network Diagnostics

There are times when you need to explore the very heart of a production line. We often meet customers on their factory floor an...
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