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Diagnostics & Remote Monitoring of PROFINET Networks

Experiencing intermittent PROFINET problems? Or would you like to have your network analysed in detail? How about ordering diagnostics? A FOXON technician will analyse your network and provide you with a detailed insight into its health. They will also install continuous monitoring on your network and let it analyse it for 14 days, monitoring this solution remotely. This will enable FOXON to find faults that are weaking the health of your PROFINET network and prepare a plan for restoring it.
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Price (tax excl.):41 040 Kč

Price (tax incl.):49 658,40 Kč


Discover Hidden Problems on Your Industrial Network

  • Are you experiencing intermittent communication failures?
  • Do you want to prevent unexpected failures and unplanned downtime?
  • Do you want to have the quality of your PROFINET installation assessed?

As described on our website, the key to healthy networks is regular/continuous PROFINET network diagnostics.

Have an Experienced Technician Analyse Your Network

Having analysed thousands of networks, we will be happy to analyse yours too.

Diagnostics and Remote Monitoring of PROFINET Networks is a service that identifies faults on your industrial network in the following way.

1, Network diagnostics

A FOXON technician will carry out a one-off diagnosis of your network, using the specialised PNT-PROFINET Tool tester. After that, they will install a continuous monitoring solution on your network and let it analyse the communication for 14 days.

2, Remote monitoring

During these 14 days, the technician will be carrying out remote continuous monitoring of the communication and will be assessing the situation.

What enables us to perform remote diagnostics is the Ewon industrial router for remote access. It is also included in the hire offered. We use independent 4G/LTE connection – that way we do not have to rely on the Internet connection provided by the customer. We connect to the Ewon router and the continuous monitoring solution behind it through the Talk2M cloud service, via a highly secure VPN tunnel.

3, Technical support

If, during the continuous network diagnostics, your network fails, the technician will contact you by phone to discuss the problems that have occurred so that you can, through joint effort, localise and troubleshoot the faults as soon as possible.

4, Assessment and recommendations

Following the 14 days, the technician will assess the entire situation, generate reports and present recommendations for addressing the intermittent problems found and for improving the health and the robustness of your network.

14 days after installation, the continuous monitoring solution hired by you will be uninstalled, either by the technician or by the FOXON Sales Representative responsible for your region.

What are the prerequisites for performing the PROFINET diagnostics offered?

  • The presence of a person knowledgeable about the site during the one-off diagnosis and the installation of the continuous monitoring solution.
  • For us to be able to install the continuous monitoring solution, we have to disconnect the PLC from the PROFINET network for a few seconds. This will enable us to install the EtherTAP TAP adapter.

What will you get?

Following the one-off diagnosis, we will provide you with a PDF report (in Czech or English) that will include:

  • Information about the site analysed (the name and description of the segment measured)
  • LiveList – a list of all the stations taking part in communication on your network and their statuses
  • Statistics showing basic communication information and error messages for each station on your network
  • Time stamped error and diagnostic messages and lost telegrams
  • A record of communication with regard to telegrams, containing descriptions of problems detected

In addition, you will get:

  • Continuous network monitoring for 14 days
  • The opportunity to consult a FOXON technician about the network failures and problems that have occurred
  • Recommendations for addressing the intermittent problems found and for improving the health of your network

The price for Diagnostics and Remote Monitoring of PROFINET Networks includes:

  • A one-off diagnosis of a PROFINET network in one company – up to 7 hours of on-site analysis
  • The hire of a continuous monitoring solution for 14 days
  • The installation and uninstallation of the continuous monitoring of your PROFINET network in the form of the yellow portable suitcase
  • A comprehensive report about the health of your network
  • Recommendations for improving the health of your network

Please note: The price does not include travel. There is a charge of 10 CZK/km (excl. VAT).

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