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OPC Router

The OPC Router is a unique software application for data exchange. Using special OPC Router plug-ins, you can connect tens of disparate systems and devices.

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The OPC Router is a program that allows you to interconnect various industrial devices and IT systems. You no longer have to exchange data via all kinds of communication interfaces or purpose-built applications.

You can now do it through a single program – the OPC Router. Fast, easily and without any programming skills. You can see all data transfers in a user-friendly, graphical form. Data transfers between systems are either automatic or condition-based. In addition, during the actual transfer the OPC Router allows data to be mathematically processed.

Digitalise Your Processes with OPC Router 

The OPC Router enables you to optimise and digitalise your production processes. Data is automatically exchanged by integrating systems such as OPC UA, OPC DA, SAP, MES, ERP, SQL, MQTT, REST, SOAP, Excel, labellers and so on. The OPC Router features graphical, drag & drop configuration, exemplary monitoring and extreme reliability, paving the way for your Industry 4.0.

OPC Router Features

  • The latest middleware with standard interfaces for data exchange
  • Data exchange between various OT and IT systems
  • Visualisation of all data transfers, plus visualisation of data being transferred
  • Easy, drag & drop configuration
  • Data can be written to or read from many popular databases
  • SAP-certified SAP plug-in

What Systems Does OPC Router Interconnect?

The OPC Router can communicate with the following systems and protocols (i.e. interconnect them):
  • ERP SAP R3
  • ERP/MES systems via SOAP or OPC
  • Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • MySQL databases
  • Sqlite databases
  • Oracle databases
  • InfluxDB databases
  • MongoDB databases
  • Codebase / Foxpro databases
  • ODBC, Access and others
  • Euromap 63
  • Euromar 77
  • Heidenhain CNCs
  • Web services
  • MQTT
  • RESTful Web Services
  • XML XPath
  • JSON JPath
  • .NET Script
  • Telegram Bot
  • Labellers
  • Generic barcode readers
  • Domino, Generic, Videojet, Wolke, Zebra and Windows printers
  • ThingWorx
  • E-mail
  • Excel
  • Charm EZ devices
  • And others

Plug-In Modules

The OPC Router is a modular system that consists of a Basic module and plug-in modules. Your choice of plug-in modules depends on where from and where to you need to transfer data. A single OPC Router PC installation requires the Basic module and at least one plug-in module. You also need to purchase the Year 1 Support & Maintenance package. When it has expired, you can purchase Support & Maintenance for subsequent years.


OPC Router Industry 4.0 software

Most Popular Plug-Ins

OPC Plug-In

OPC Router Industry 4.0 software_SAP Plug-inThe OPC Router acts as OPC client, supporting the OPC UA and OPC DA protocols. Used at all automation levels, the OPC protocol is a common language that enables various hardware and software systems to exchange data. With the OPC Router, via an OPC server, you can read and write data from / to PLCs, CNCs, robots and hundreds of other devices. The OPC Router also allows you exchange data from all of these systems, save it to various databases or provide it for MES, ERP and SAP systems.

The OPC Router is great accessories for those who work with KEPServerEX from the company Kepware. With over 150 supported communication drivers, KEPServerEX enables you to connect to PLC and other systems and convert their data formats to the OPC DA/UA protocols. When standardised, this data can then be transferred to the OPC Router for further processing, via OPC Router's OPC plug-in.

OPC Plugin - OPC Router
Saving OPC server data to a database

SAP Plug-In

OPC Router Industry 4.0 software_SAP Plug-in

The SAP is one of the most popular ERP systems worldwide. The OPC Router's SAP plug-in allows you to connect to SAP systems, version R/3 4.5 and later. On the SAP-side, communication takes place via standard interfaces or individually created BAPIs, RFCs or IDocs. Using other OPC Router plug-ins, SAP data can be transferred to other systems. It can also be sent from one SAP system to another. To configure a SAP connection, you do not need any programming skills. You can do this simply by using the OPC Router's graphical interface and its drag & drop function. Customers often use the SAP plug-in together with the OPC UA/DA plug-in. This combination allows you to transfer data from PLC / MES systems directly to the SAP. To get an idea of how to do this, watch this YouTube video

OPC Router Industry 4.0 software
OPC Router's SAP plug-in

MQTT Plug-In

OPC Router Industry 4.0 software_MQTT Plug-in

The MQTT protocol is a protocol that is often found in IoT projects. MQTT communications are based on the publisher/subscriber communication, facilitated by the so-called broker. As the OPC Router can receive as well as send MQTT messages, with its MQTT plug-in you can develop versatile edge computing and cloud applications. Thanks to the OPC Router's integrated JSON functionalities, data content of MQTT messages can be ideally processed or generated from other data.

OPC Router and Cloud Systems

Most IoT and cloud platforms use the MQTT protocol as their primary interface. The OPC Router with its MQTT plug-in enables you to connect IoT things to the cloud, with data transfer between them possible in both directions. Using other OPC Router plug-ins, cloud platforms can be connected to such systems as control systems, SQL servers, SAP systems, printers and other systems and devices.

OPC Router Industry 4.0 software
Reading values from an OPC server and transferring them via JSON and MQTT

Plug-In Modules for Databases

OPC Router Industry 4.0 software_ SQL / ODBC Plug-in

Databases are an important source and target for data at various production levels. Production processes must be provided with ordering information, recipes and machine data. Large amounts of data are generated and must be stored. 

The OPC Router is a middleware application that connects databases to other systems and thus drives the idea of IoT and Industry 4.0. It features plug-in modules for these databases:

    • MS SQL
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • ODBC
    • InfluxDB
    • Oracle
    • And others

Transferring OPC Server Data to a Database

The OPC Router is a tool that your data collection system can be built upon. Using the OPC Router's plug-ins, you can aggregate data from various systems (e.g. PLCs, RFID, databases, Euromap, XML, barcode readers, etc.) and send it to MES / ERP systems.

Email Notifications Plug-In
OPC Router Industry 4.0 software_E-mail Plug-in

Email is still the quickest and easiest option for distributing information to users. With the OPC Router, you can create emails, customise their contents with data from various sources (e.g. PLCs, databases, ERP/MES systems, etc.) and set conditions under which they will be sent (triggers). Emails are sent via the SMTP protocol.

Through your mailbox, you have real-time access to important error messages, consumption values and production figures.

OPC Router Industry 4.0 software
Configuring an email alarm that will notify the user that the alarm threshold has been crossed by quoting the critical tag value

What Are Transfer Objects, Trigger Functions and Browsing?

Below you can find the essential OPC Router functions, which you will use when configuring data transfer connections. Apart from these functions, you will also encounter some special ones, depending on the plug-in you use.

Transfer objects

Transfer objects are the sources and destinations inside the OPC Router. They contain data fields with read and write functions. Depending on the interconnected system, the possible configuration scope of sources and destinations may vary.

OPC Router Industry 4.0 software

Trigger functionsOPC Router Industry 4.0 software

Triggers determine the execution time of data connections. Various triggers can be used for these connections, independent of transfer object type (e.g. data change triggers, time triggers and C# script triggers). Within each connection, several triggers can be used together via AND/OR-connections.


Easy browsing also makes data field configuration easy when establishing transfer objects in order to establish the required interface connection. The browsing mechanisms may vary, depending on the plug-in.

Reading out structures

Many plug-ins that are available for the OPC Router offer easy search and selection tools for quick identification of required data fields without the need for specific knowledge about inherent subsystems. The user can easily browse through data. Data source structures may vary according to the specifications of each plug-in.





OPC Router Win7exe4.16.5002.110437.96 MBInstallation file for older OS systems like Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2
OPC Router Winexe4.16.5000.110270.25 MBInstallation file for current OS systems like Windows 10, Windows Server 2016

Manufacturer’s documentation

OPC Router – manualpdfv4.92.68 MBUser guide
OPC Router – case study n.1pdfv10.00 RFID Plug-in
OPC Router – case study n.2pdfv10.00 SAP Plug-in
OPC Router – case study n.3pdfv10.00 SAP, ERP, Printer Plug-in
OPC Router – case study n.4pdfv10.00 KEPServerEX connection (OPC Plug-in)

OPC Router & KEPServerEX

The OPC Router is ideal for those who already use KEPServerEX or other OPC servers in their projects because it brings a new dimension to them. Both of these platforms can exchange data via the OPC UA protocol. In terms of hierarchy, KEPServerEX is below the OPC Router because its biggest strength is its ability to collect data from disparate control systems and convert all the various data formats to a standardised protocol, in this case the OPC UA protocol.

Above KEPServerEX you will find the OPC Router, which collects standardised data from KEPServerEX via the OPC UA and then converts it to the languages of such systems as MES / ERP, SAP / SAP HANA DB, databases, MQTT, printers, email and many others.

One of the OPC Router's strengths is its ability to mathematically process data. This functionality is invaluable to those who make the right data ready through KEPServerEX and use higher systems only for visualisation (e.g. visualisation, reports and BI views).

When collecting data, it is important to use a standardised solution instead of countless communication interfaces, let alone purpose-built. Both the OPC Router and KEPServerEX are excellent examples of standardised data collection and processing, with both of them supporting horizontal scalability (adding further data sources, for example machines) as well as vertical scalability (data sent to operators, production planners, the CEO, the cloud, etc.).





(tax excl.)

IA2002504OPC Router 4 - Basic490,00 €
IA2002562OPC Router 4 - Basic - Support & Maintenance
113,00 €
IA2002505OPC Router 4 - Basic - Maintenance after expiration / Update221,00 €

Přikoupení plug-in modulů dle vaší potřeby:





(tax excl.)

IA2002519OPC Router 4 - OPC UA/DA649,00 €
IA2002564OPC Router 4 - OPC UA/DA - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002520OPC Router 4 - OPC UA/DA - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002630OPC Router 4 - Barcode Scanner Plug In590,00 €
IA2002662OPC Router 4 - Barcode Scanner Plug In - Support & Maintenance136,00 €
IA2002663OPC Router 4 - Barcode Scanner Plug In - Maintenance after expiration / Update266,00 €
IA2002523OPC Router 4 - Charm Plug In649,00 €
IA2002595OPC Router 4 - Charm Plug - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002670OPC Router 4 - Charm Plug In - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002896OPC Router 4 - DB Codebase / Foxpro649,00 €
IA2002899OPC Router 4 - DB Codebase / Foxpro - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002909OPC Router 4 - DB Codebase / Foxpro - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002894OPC Router 4 - DB Microsoft Access649,00 €
IA2002900OPC Router 4 - DB Microsoft Access - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002910OPC Router 4 - DB Microsoft Access - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2003011OPC Router 4 - DB MongoDB Plug-In649,00 €
IA2003012OPC Router 4 - DB MongoDB Plug-In - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2003013OPC Router 4 - DB MongoDB Plug-In - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002893OPC Router 4 - DB MySQL649,00 €
IA2002901OPC Router 4 - DB MySQL - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002911OPC Router 4 - DB MySQL - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002891OPC Router 4 - DB ODBC649,00 €
IA2002902OPC Router 4 - DB ODBC - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002912OPC Router 4 - ODBC - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002892OPC Router 4 - DB OLE649,00 €
IA2002903OPC Router 4 - DB OLE - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002913OPC Router 4 - DB OLE - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002890OPC Router 4 - DB Oracle649,00 €
IA2002904OPC Router 4 - DB Oracle - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002914OPC Router 4 - DB Oracle - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002897OPC Router 4 - DB SAP HANA1 299,00 €
IA2002905OPC Router 4 - DB SAP HANA - Support & Maintenance299,00 €
IA2002915OPC Router 4 - DB SAP HANA - Maintenance after expiration / Update584,55 €
IA2002889OPC Router 4 - DB Microsoft SQL Server649,00 €
IA2002906OPC Router 4 - DB Microsoft SQL Server - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002916OPC Router 4 - DB Microsoft SQL Server - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002895OPC Router 4 - DB SQLite649,00 €
IA2002907OPC Router 4 - DB SQLite - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002917OPC Router 4 - DB SQLite - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002898OPC Router 4 - DB Suite1 599,00 €
IA2002908OPC Router 4 - DB Suite - Support & Maintenance368,00 €
IA2002918OPC Router 4 - DB Suite - Maintenance after expiration / Update719,55 €
IA2002510>OPC Router 4 - Email350,00 €
IA2002567>OPC Router 4 - Email - Support & Maintenance81,00 €
IA2002511>OPC Router 4 - Email - Maintenance after expiration / Update158,00 €
IA2002512OPC Router 4 - ERP Plug In3 490,00 €
IA2002570OPC Router 4 - ERP Plug In - Support & Maintenance803,00 €
IA2002513OPC Router 4 - ERP Plug In - Maintenance after expiration / Update1 571,00 €
IA2002514OPC Router 4 - Module Euromap 632 990,00 €
IA2002672OPC Router 4 - Module Euromap 63 - Support & Maintenance688,00 €
IA2002673OPC Router 4 - Module Euromap 63 - Maintenance after expiration / Update1 346,00 €
A2002675OPC Router 4 - Module Euromap 772 990,00 €
IA2002676OPC Router 4 - Module Euromap 77 - Support & Maintenance688,00 €
IA2002677OPC Router 4 - Module Euromap 77 - Maintenance after expiration / Update1 346,00 €
IA2002515OPC Router 4 - Module Excel649,00 €
IA2002574OPC Router 4 - Module Excel - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002516OPC Router 4 - Module Excel - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002736OPC Router 4 - Module Extension990,00 €
IA2002737OPC Router 4 - Module Extension - Support & Maintenance228,00 €
IA2002738OPC Router 4 - Module Extension - Maintenance after expiration / Update446,00 €
IA2002740OPC Router 4 - Heidenhain Plug-In 1 990,00 €
IA2002741OPC Router 4 - Heidenhain Plug-In - Support & Maintenance458,00 €
IA2002747OPC Router 4 - Heidenhain Plug-In - Maintenance after expiration / Update896,00 €
IA2002744OPC Router 4 - InfluxDB Plug-in649,00 €
IA2002745OPC Router 4 - InfluxDB Plug-in - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002746OPC Router 4 - InfluxDB Plug-in - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002517OPC Router 4 - Module Leich & Mehl990,00 €
IA2002719OPC Router 4 - Module Leich & Mehl - Support & Maintenance228,00 €
IA2002881OPC Router 4 - Module Leich & Mehl - Maintenance after expiration / Update446,00 €
IA2002653OPC Router 4 - MQTT Plug-In649,00 €
IA2002654OPC Router 4 - MQTT Plug-In - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002664OPC Router 4 - MQTT Plug-In - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002678OPC Router 4 - Printer Domino649,00 €
IA2002679OPC Router 4 - Printer Domino - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002680OPC Router 4 - Printer Domino - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002681OPC Router 4 - Printer Generic649,00 €
IA2002682OPC Router 4 - Printer Generic - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002683OPC Router 4 - Printer Generic - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002732OPC Router 4 - Printer Videojet Inkjet649,00 €
IA2002733OPC Router 4 - Printer Videojet Inkjet - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002734OPC Router 4 - Printer Videojet Inkjet - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002684OPC Router 4 - Printer Windows 649,00 €
IA2002685OPC Router 4 - Printer Windows - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002686OPC Router 4 - Printer Windows - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002687OPC Router 4 - Printer Wolke649,00 €
IA2002688OPC Router 4 - Printer Wolke - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002689OPC Router 4 - Printer Wolke - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002690OPC Router 4 - Printer Zebra649,00 €
IA2002691OPC Router 4 - Printer Zebra - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002692OPC Router 4 - Printer Zebra - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002635OPC Router 4 - RESTful-Plug-In649,00 €
IA2002640OPC Router 4 - RESTful-Plug-In - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002674OPC Router 4 - RESTful-PlugIn - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002717OPC Router 4 - RFID-AutoID (OPC UA) Plug-In649,00 €
IA2002718OPC Router 4 - RFID-AutoID (OPC UA) - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002722OPC Router 4 - RFID-AutoID (OPC UA) - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002521OPC Router 4 - SAP3 490,00 €
IA2002568OPC Router 4 - SAP - Support & Maintenance803,00 €
IA2002522OPC Router 4 - SAP - Maintenance after expiration / Update1 571,00 €
IA2002715OPC Router 4 - Telegramm Messenger Plug-In649,00 €
IA2002716OPC Router 4 - Telegramm Messenger - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002720OPC Router 4 - Telegramm Messenger - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
IA2002713OPC Router 4 - ThingWorx ® Plug-In649,00 €
IA2002714OPC Router 4 - ThingWorx ® Plug In - Support & Maintenance149,00 €
IA2002721OPC Router 4 - ThingWorx ® Plug-In - Maintenance after expiration / Update292,00 €
149,00 €


OPC Router 4 OPC to SAP englishCreating Telegram Bots
OPC Router – Industry 4.0 Software

System requirements

Computer performance
We recommend running server applications on appropriately equipped hardware (multi-core processor, at least 4 GB RAM and hard disk space with RAID 5 technology). Run a database server on the same computer: 8 GB RAM minimum.

Operating System

We recommend Microsoft Windows Server operating systems. Client operating systems (64 bit) can also be used for test purposes.

The following Windows versions are supported:

  • Windows Server 2008 x64
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
  • Windows Server 2012 x64
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 x64
  • Windows Server 2016 x64
  • Windows Server 2019 x64
  • Windows 7 x64
  • Windows 8 x64
  • Windows 8.1 x64
  • Windows 10 x64
  • Windows 10 IoT x64

.NET 4.7.2
(will be installed if necessary). In production environments, we recommend that you manually download and install .NET 4.7.2 from Microsoft before updating. The reason for this is that .NET requires Windows updates, which are not always offered automatically, and sometimes take a long time and may require several reboots. This is not within the sphere of influence of inray. The downtime is kept as low as possible if you uninstall the old versions only after successful installation of .NET 4.7.2. Preinstalled on Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10.

Installed and accessible OPC Server
For the connection of controllers, OPC specification DA 4.0, UA, XML

Installed and accessible database server
MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL and all systems accessible via ODBC are supported. Connection of MS Access or XML files is also possible.

Connection of Oracle databases
Installed Oracle Instant Client (ODAC)

SAP plug-in supports SAP systems 4.0b or higher, log-on pad must be installed on the OPC Router computer.

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