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TAP Adapter + Atlas/Mercury Plug-In for Passive PROFINET Diagnostics

This EtherTAP PROFINET Kit contains a 100M TAP adapter and a licence and enables you to carry out passive PROFINET diagnostics through the ATLAS continuous monitoring or the Mercury tablet.
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If you already have the ATLAS continuous monitoring or the Mercury tablet and would like to perform comprehensive analysis of PROFINET networks, this kit is exactly what you need.

The EtherTAP PROFINET Kit contains the EtherTAP licence for the OSIRIS software in the ATLAS and Mercury devices and a TAP adapter for passive diagnostics.

What is the licence for?

The licence allows you to unlock the passive PROFINET diagnostics functionality in the OSIRIS application on your ATLAS and Mercury devices. To unlock it (i.e. the EtherTAP Message Analysis tile in the OSIRIS application), simply enter your licence number in the Licence Manager of the OSIRIS software. Then connect the EtherTAP TAP adapter to the network and you are all set to perform passive analysis. 

Passive analysis allows you to:

  • Capture error packets
  • Capture PROFINET alarms
  • Discover the number of dropped packets
  • Measure jitter (minimum and maximum)
  • Measure device cycle time (minimum and maximum)
  • Carry out in-depth analysis of packets (e.g. through the Wireshark)

What is the EtherTAP TAP Adapter for?

The EtherTAP 100M is a pocket-size device that features two RJ45 ports on one side and a USB 3.0 port on the other (plus a connector for an optional external power supply of 5 V DC).

Install the TAP adapter in front of the station where you want monitor traffic (e.g. a PLC's Ethernet port, a CPU's Ethernet module, a computer, a server, etc.). Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the station and connect it to one of the TAP adapter's Ethernet ports. After that, use the Ethernet cable that comes with the TAP adapter to connect the adapter's other Ethernet port to the station. With the TAP adapter now in the path of the packets that you want to analyse, all traffic passes through this TAP adapter. In the past, the only disadvantage was that in order to connect the TAP adapter you had to disconnect the communication cable. This was often impossible except during planned downtime. This problem is now a thing of the past – thanks to the EtherMIRROR. The EtherMIRROR is a plug & play passive diagnostics device that allows you to establish a measuring point for connecting the TAP adapter without disconnecting the communication cable.

Connecting the TAP adapter to the network

Live Demo

Would you like to try passive diagnostics and Message Analysis in the OSIRIS software before you buy it? Explore our full-featured demo. The Mercury runs at FOXON and is connected to a real PROFINET network.

Click on the button below, log in using the credentials provided, select the Commissioning Wizard tile on the dashboard, run a test and have a PDF report generated.

What do you think then?

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