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NaviTEK IE – Industrial Ethernet / PROFINET Tester

The NaviTEK IE is the latest model of this copper and fibre optic cable tester for PROFINET and Ethernet networks. To prove the network has been commissioned successfully, it provides professional PDF reports. The NaviTEK IE features some very useful tools for PROFINET network diagnostics and PROFINET device configuration. This tester is a must for those who work with PROFINET.
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Following in the footsteps of its successful predecessor, the NaviTEK NT PRO, the NaviTEK IE is the latest model of this copper and fibre optic cable tester for PROFINET and Ethernet networks from the company IDEAL. It offers the same features as the NaviTEK NT PRO, plus some very useful capabilities that are specifically designed for the testing, diagnostics and configuration of PROFINET IO Devices.

Why you should acquire the NaviTEK IE

It is vital to verify the quality and correct wiring of your cables. We regard the Navitek IE as the first affordable tester on the market that offers all essential capabilities for testing, commissioning and checking PROFINET and Ethernet cables. In our opinion, this tester's key functionality is the ability to save test results to its memory, which then enables you to generate test reports.
It is important that you know whether or not a cable has been tested and is in good health. As standard, every OEM manufacturer should provide test reports proving successful cable testing as part of supplied network documentation. Equally important, plants should insist that these test reports be supplied. Only then can both parties be sure that PROFINET as well as Ethernet cables in their production lines are in good health and fully operational.
With the NaviTEK IE, all PROFINET IO Device users have access to such basic device information as device name, device IP address and subnet mask. The tester also enables you to modify this information and even reset the device's settings to factory settings.

The Navitek IE (R151010) includes:

  • 1x NaviTEK IE test unit with colour touch screen
  • 1x Remote unit No. 1 for testing copper cables
  • 1x Rechargeable Power Module (Battery life: 5 hours)
  • 1x 12V Power Supply Unit, including EU/UK/US adapters
  • 2x Patch cables - 30cm, Cat. 5e STP
  • 2x PROFINET RJ45 (m) - M12 (f) D coded 1m adapter cable (R151058)
  • 1x USB Wi-Fi adapter
  • 1x Quick reference guide
  • 1x Carry case, 30x30 cm

Copper and Fibre Optic PROFINET and Ethernet Cable Diagnostics

The NaviTEK IE test unit features one RJ45 socket. For you to be able to test a cable that has the RJ45 connector on both ends, you also need the supplied remote unit, which also features the RJ45 socket. If you want to test a cable with the M12 connector (male) on both ends, you will need to use the supplied RJ45–M12 (female) adapter cables. Please note that the adapter cables cannot be used to connect to PROFINET IO Devices with the M12 connector as these devices usually feature the M12 socket (i.e. female).
The NaviTEK IE test unit also contains one SFP socket, for which you will need to purchase a suitable SFP FX Media convertor.


Copper Cable Diagnostics

The Navitek IE:
  • Measures cable length and determines distance to cable fault (e.g. short in a pair or between wires; see the pictures below).
  • Tests every pair as well as every wire, plus shielding.
  • Can be used to test non-standard cables as well – you can choose which wires (1–8) you want to test (+ shielding).

PROFINET IO Device Diagnostics and Configuration

The tester identifies PROFINET IO Devices in the network (displays their IP addresses and MAC addresses) and:
  • Marks devices with the wrong PROFINET name.
  • Marks devices with the same IP address.
  • Marks devices with lost / corrupted packets.
  • Enables you to set device name and IP address.
  • Allows you to reset device to factory defaults (deletes device name, IP address and subnet mask).
  • Identifies a specific device by flashing its LEDs.

PROFINET Network Event Logging

Connect the NaviTEK IE to the PROFINET RT network and record key network errors. Through active communication diagnostics, the tester sends commands to active devices. They provide information, which is logged to the tester's event log. Events are recorded for up to 48 hours, during which the Navitek IE must be connected to the 12V power supply unit. The key network errors include:

  • Lost devices
  • Input errors
  • Output errors

Information on Devices in the PROFINET Network

The NaviTEK IE has the ability to read basic information and parameters from PROFINET devices, thus enabling you to check if this information is correct. The key information includes:

  • Device name
  • IP address, MAC address and subnet mask
  • Device part number
  • Device serial number
  • Device ID
  • Firmware version
  • Hardware version
  • Input / output packets
  • Input / output discarded packets
  • Input / output corrupted packets
  • Input / output link traffic load
  • Information about the neighbouring device

PROFINET IO Device Health Check Feature

The health check feature provides a quick indication of how each of your devices is performing with an easy to understand traffic light system.

  • Green indication
    • No abnormal events detected
    • No errors
    • No alarms
    • No duplicated IP address or name
    • Link traffic load below 10%
  • Amber indication
    • No critical events detected and device is still operational, but…
    • Packet errors occur but at an acceptable limit
    • Link load 10% - 50%
    • Another identical device model found but has different firmware / hardware version
    • Device speed is 10Mb/s
    • Device port half duplex
  • Red indication
    • Critical events detected and device may not be operational
    • No or duplicate name set
    • Duplicated or wrong IP address set
    • No or wrong device subnet mask set
    • Device communication failure
    • Packet errors exceeding acceptable limits
    • Link load > 50%

Test report generation

The NaviTEK IE offers three basic test report generation modes: 1) always, 2) never and 3) only on test pass. It automatically generates test reports in PDF or CSV format. You can choose between 3 different reports – summary, brief and full. They can be saved to a USB key or sent to your mobile over WiFi, via the IDEAL AnyWARE app.


Copper Cable Test Reports

To test a cable, you first need to input the type or specifications of that particular cable. The NaviTEK IE also includes the predefined option of PROFINET 4W (4 wire), so you can instantly test standard 100MB PROFINET cables with shielding. The tester can also test the following cables – Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7, Cat 7A, Cat 8, Ethernet 1 / -2 / -3 / -4 pair(s), Ethernet 1236, Ethernet 1287 and non-standard cables.

Below you can see two reports – the first showing cable faults and the other showing a fully operational cable.


Examples of PROFINET IO Device diagnostics. Simply connect the tester to the PROFINET network, assign a free IP address to it and run a test. When the test has been completed, you will get detailed information about devices on the network.




NaviTEK IE - Softwarezip1.0.6325.98 MBLatest software. WARNING: With the latest firmware update, all settings and stored reports will be lost.

Manufacturer’s documentation

Navitek IE - Manualpdf2020-067.44 MBIn English
NaviTek IE - Quick Reference Guidepdf2020-061.32 MBIn English
NaviTEK IE - Brochurepdf2020-062.16 MBIn English

Video Navitek IE

IDEAL Networks - NaviTEK IE PROFINET TesterOverview of the New NaviTEK IE Tester for PROFINET Networks

Mobile App

View and send data cable and network test reports to colleagues and clients anywhere.

The app connects to your IDEAL cable or network tester using Wi-Fi and transfers test reports to your mobile device.

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