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FIOT Starter Kit – Wireless Data Monitoring System

The FIOT Starter Kit enables you to wirelessly monitor and visualise 24 VDC supply voltage quality, temperatures, inputs and outputs and tilt. 24 VDC supply voltage fluctuations and failures often result in downtime. That is why it is essential to bring the quality of 24 VDC under control. Collected data can be viewed through the FIOT Starter Kit web server visualisation and the FIOT Starter Kit mobile app. In addition, it can be sent to higher software applications via the Modbus TCP protocol.
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The FIOT Starter Kit is a ready-made solution for wirelessly collecting, processing and visualising data. It is designed for customers who need to start monitoring their remote devices in a fast, innovative wireless way.

The FIOT Starter Kit is ideal for deployment in the maintenance and production environments (e.g. for condition monitoring and OEE monitoring).

Why should you acquire the FIOT Starter Kit?

  • Because you want to trial wireless data collection via the 868 MHz frequency (not via the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz WiFi frequency).
  • Because you need to monitor 24 VDC supply voltage quality, fluctuations and failures.
  • Because you cannot or do not want to use cables (the kit is ideal for installation in moving objects and remote locations).
  • Because the kit features unparalleled measurement speed – the sensor takes 8,000 measurements per second.
  • Because you have continuous access to live data (sensors send collected data every 5 seconds).
  • Because the kit can be installed almost instantaneously and provides near real time access to collected data.
  • Because wireless monitoring will produce tangible results.
  • Because it will significantly help you implement condition monitoring, IoT and Industry 4.0.
  • Because we successfully installed the kit on several ŠKODA AUTO a.s. sites, with almost immediate benefits.

What is the FIOT Starter Kit?

The FIOT Starter Kit contains two wireless sensors and a gateway, which allow you to monitor:

  • 2x 24 VDC supply voltage quality
  • 2x temperature in the sensor
  • 2x external temperature via the 1-Wire thermometer
  • 1x analogue input for measuring vibrations, pressure, flow, revolutions, etc.
  • 1x digital input for monitoring the number of pieces produced, the number of times a relay has opened and closed contacts, etc.
  • 2x 3-axis tilt

The kit is ideally suited for wireless data collection from control cabinets, moving systems, cranes, conveyor belts, etc.

The FIOT Starter Kit includes:

  • 1x FIOT Sensor AI-24-TA-CAN-10, including an antenna and a DIN rail mounting clip
  • 1× FIOT Sensor DI-24-TA-CAN-10, including an antenna and a DIN rail mounting clip
  • 1× FIOT GW gateway, including a micro SD card and a DIN rail mounting clip
  • 1× Teltonika RUT955 WiFi/LTE router
  • 1x PHOENIX CONTACT UNO power supply, 24 VDC, 1.25 A
  • 2x 1-Wire DS18B20 external thermometer (1.5 m cable)
  • 1x External antenna with a magnetic base for FIOT GW
  • 3x Power supply cable
  • 2x QR code for the FIOT Starter Kit app
  • 2x Ethernet cable
  • 1x User Guide

How does wireless data collection work?

Signals are transmitted wirelessly through the IQRF technology, which uses the license-free 868 MHz frequency band (in the EU). In many production plants, wireless communication via the 868 MHz frequency is welcome and is often the only possible way to transfer data wirelessly because the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies are often used by the logistics or IT departments, or for other purposes.

In industrial environments, we recommend installing the FIOT Sensor at the maximum distance of 100 metres from the FIOT GW. For ideal coverage of a large space, we recommend that you install several FIOT Starter Kits in it. However, please bear in mind that when installing a few FIOT Starter Kits in a single space, signals from individual kits may interfere. If you are considering installing several FIOT Starter Kits in a single space, please contact our Technical Support so that we can reconfigure the gateway settings for you or offer you a different solution.


User-friendly visualisation of data anywhere you go

Collected data can be displayed online in a web browser and through the FIOT Starter Kit app on your smartphone or tablet. It can also be provided to third-party systems via the Modbus TCP protocol, for example to Kepware's KEPServerEX through its Modbus Suite, and then logged to an ODBC database using Kepware's DataLogger application.

The FIOT Starter Kit app supports the Android OS and the iOS and is freely available for download on Google Play and App Store. The app displays all the sensors within the range of the gateway, plus live data from these sensors. The FIOT Starter Kit includes two QR code stickers that are used to identify individual FIOT Sensors by your mobile's or tablet's camera. If you focus your mobile's or tablet's camera on any of these two stickers, the FIOT Starter Kit app on your mobile/tablet will display data from the respective FIOT Sensor. The stickers can be installed in control cabinets or control rooms.

The FIOT gateway web interface provides access to the latest data as well as historical data up to 2 hours back. It also includes user-friendly dashboards. If you would like to display historical data more than 2 hours back or display it in a more user-friendly way, it is possible to log it to a database and use the Grafana visualisation and dashboard system. The Grafana is freely available. Feel free to contact us if you would like to purchase the Commissioning of data visualisation via the Grafana software.

Easily scalable and flexible to suit your needs

The FIOT is an open, modular platform that can be extended horizontally (by adding extra FIOT Sensors) as well as vertically (by transferring collected data to higher systems).
If you need more FIOT Sensors, you can buy up to 3 extra FIOT Sensors. The FIOT Starter Kit can support even more sensors, but that requires changes to its default settings. In such a case, please contact us.

When the time is right for larger projects

Have you fallen in love with automated data collection? Let us create a larger, comprehensive project for you, tailored to your needs. The FIOT Starter Kit(s) you have purchased will not go to waste. They will be implemented in the project.


FOXON documentation

FIOT Starter Kit manualpdf1.321.64 MBComplete user manual and instructions for the FIOT Starter Kit
FIOT Starter Kit Prospectpdf08-20192.20 MBMarketing prospect in czech


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