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Update & Support

Licence Update & Support for Kepware products – Support & Maintenance Program

On 15th November 2016, Kepware released the new KEPServerEX v6 and changes to its business policy with regard to product updates and support. Specifically, when you buy a Kepware licence, you also need to buy licence update and support for a period of 1 year. During this period, you can upgrade to the latest version of the program at any time, take advantage of technical support and restore the application in the event of a machine failure.

During the period of the Update & Support you've purchased, your product is under warranty. If you want to extend this period by 1 or more years, you need to purchase Update & Support for the requested period during the period of the existing warranty and so continue to have a valid Update & Support without any break between the existing and the new warranty. If you happen to do otherwise, the product goes into the "expired warranty" mode. You can buy Update & Support for that product later, but it'll will be about 2.5 times more expensive than when the product is still under warranty.

Kepware's Licence Update & Support Program (the so-called Support & Maintenance Program) is available for all of Kepware’s products and applications, including KEPServerEX®, ClientAce®, LinkMaster, RedundancyMaster® and all advanced plug-ins and drivers.

The Update & Support Program includes the following services for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase of the Program:

  1.  Software updates and upgrades – enable you to download and install the latest version of Kepware software
  2. Immediate license recovery in the event of a machine failure or destruction which prevents standard licence transfer
  3. Technical support (see the details below)

Software Updates and Upgrades

  • New KEPServerEX versions are released about 4 times a year.
  • They include:
    • Defect fixes and performance improvements
    • Product updates for ongoing desktop and server operating system releases
    • Model enhancements for device and PLC firmware updates
    • Updates to OPC client interfaces
    • New drivers and advanced plug-ins added to bundled suites
  • The Program includes updates and upgrades to your software for a period of 12 months, after which your product only functions as a demo.

Existing KEPServerEX V5 licenses can be migrated to V6 by purchasing the Support & Maintenance Program, reinstalling the software and upgrading the licences.
KEPServerEX V4 and earlier aren't supported anymore and aren't eligible for the Support & Maintenance Program. You need to purchase a licence for the latest KEPServerEX version.

License Recovery

  • Kepware’s Support & Maintenance Program provides immediate assistance with license recovery if the machine running Kepware fails or is irrevocably damaged.
  • Please note that for failures occurring outside of standard business hours, you can utilise the emergency license (Emergency ID) provided with your original Software Activation ID to avoid software downtime. The emergency licence is valid for 7 days, during which you need to contact Kepware's Technical Support to discuss options for re-commissioning the permanent license.
  • Users can alleviate recovery by saving a copy of all current Activation IDs and Emergency IDs or the .LIC file. It's also helpful to note down the machines which Kepware is running on.

Technical Support
The technical support we provide is support for products and services purchased from us and support for software trials.
Technical Support's response time depends on technicians' busyness and availability. We do our best to respond as soon as possible – usually within 2 business days – or when Kepware's Technical Support has responded to our query. Customers who have purchased the Support & Maintenance Program are eligible for priority technical support. Customers without the Program are only provided with limited technical support.
Before contacting Technical Support, please make sure that you first consult relevant troubleshooting sections in User Guides, on our website at and Kepware's website at Please bear in mind that our Technical Support Team can only deal with a certain number of requests at a time.
Our FOXON Technical Support Team only provide general advice on common problems. Complex problems, troubleshooting and bug fixing can only be dealt with by Kepware's Technical Support. These requests can't usually be answered immediately. Users can facilitate troubleshooting by providing all the information needed for the request to be handled in the shortest time possible.

Customers are provided the following types of Technical Support:

Support in Czech and English

Support in English only

Our FOXON website at – User Guides and other documentation

Kepware's website at – User Guides and other documentation, plus knowledge bases

FOXON chat – online chat with a FOXON Technical Support Representative (available during standard business hours: Mon–Fri 8 am–3:30 pm)

Kepware's Technical Support via phone: +1 888-KEPWARE x211 (available during Kepware's standard business hours: Mon–Fri 8 am–5 pm, EST time zone for Portland, Maine, USA)

FOXON Email Support at (available during standard business hours)

Kepware's Technical Support via email at (available during Kepware's standard business hours)

If you'd like to send us a troubleshooting request, please have the following information ready for us:

  • Your name and an email that you'd like us to reply to
  • Product Licence Number (Activation ID or FlexID) for the product you're experiencing problems with. Furthermore, please provide evidence that you've purchased the Support & Maintenance Program.
  • A detailed description of the problem (including screenshots, error messages, etc.)
  • A short description of how to replicate the problem, and information about any changes before the problem occurred if the product had been running without any problems
  • Version number (can be found in Settings under Help / Support Information: V5.16.728.0)
  • The operating system which your Kepware product is running on (e.g. Windows XP SP2)
  • The topography and names of programs which your Kepware product is communicating with (e.g. the OPC client used to connect to your OPC server + the remote / local client-server connection)
  • Your project configuration file (e.g. *.OPF or *.XML)
  • KEPServerEX: the server's event log (can be found in Settings under Tools / Event Log / Save As Text File…)
  • KEPServerEX: the server's Application Report, which can be generated in KEPServerEX V5.4 and newer (in Start / Programs / Kepware / KEPServerEX 5 / Utilities – run the Application Report Utility, leave all boxed checked, generate the report, save it to a directory, compress it into a ZIP file and email it to us)

What Technical Support is NOT:

  • Setting up your Kepware product or developing applications or projects
  • Troubleshooting problems with your PC, network or server
  • Training, or explaining capabilities and features described in User Guides
  • Specialist consultancy services with regard to other products and their features
  • Developing new software features

Depending on availability, the above-mentioned requests can be dealt with in the form of a special project offering on the basis of a sales offer.

Why did we replace Technical Support via phone with online chat?

  • A Technical Support Representative can be responding to several requests at the same time.
  • Most requests can't be handled immediately by a single representative via phone. They need to be answered in cooperation with our technical specialists or sales team.
  • The chat window enables both the customer and the representative to send links to websites, screenshots, files, etc.
  • Unlike phone conversation, online chat facilitates more reliable communication in that it reduces the chance of misunderstanding (unless either side makes a typo). Your request can thus be answered much more efficiently.
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