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PROFINET Cable Tester

Try before you trust. In the case of PROFINET cables, this saying does hold true. We strongly recommend that you measure all your PROFINET cables.
You don't need to measure original PROFINET cables you've bought (i.e. cables with connectors already installed on both ends). However, if you install RJ45 or M12 connectors on cables yourself, you should definitely measure them. In our experience, about 50% of PROFINET network failures are caused by faulty cabling.

If you want an affordable solution, you can get a simple cable tester that displays cable status. Those who work with PROFINET networks and RJ45 connectors should get this tester. Nevertheless, in many cases you need a diagnostic report that can only be generated by a more expensive analyser. This type of analyser can generate a report for every piece of cable measured. As very few companies can realise return on this kind of investment (the analyser costs at least 170,000 crowns), we offer rental of the tester FLUKE, charged per day.

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