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Repeaters / Hubs

When designing PROFIBUS DP networks, there are certain rules that need to be observed. First, a single segment can include a maximum of 32 PROFIBUS DP stations. Second, the allowable segment cable length depends on the bit rate being used. The higher the bit rate, the shorter the cable length.
Finally, experience shows that as up to 32 devices can be connected in a single segment, there are in fact 32 possible problem points where bus communication can fail. It is thus recommended to decrease the number of devices in a segment by deploying ProfiHub repeaters and multi repeaters from the company PROCENTEC. They will amplify data signals on your network and make it more reliable and resistant to failure.

Compared to rival products, PROCENTEC repeaters and hubs are better at galvanic isolation of segments. Besides that, they constantly monitor the bus communication in individual segments for glitches and filter them out. Faults in one segment won't impact on other segments. Unfortunately, not all repeaters currently on the market can provide such a high degree of reliability. If you want superior quality repeaters and hubs, we recommend that you purchase PROCENTEC products.

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