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Industrial Routers

eWON industrial routers provide reliable remote access to PLC control systems, operator panels and computers. To enable remote access to these systems, they use secure VPN tools and the Talk2M server, which acts as a secure broker.
The Talk2M is an Internet service with fast, easy configuration. It allows you to connect to eWON routers from any computer, tablet or smartphone trough a secure, encrypted VPN tunnel. Apart from remote access, eWON routers are also used for the collection of data from remote PLC control systems. This capability is becoming more and more popular.

Teltonika industrial routers act as reliable Internet local access points. They support up to two SIM cards and many other capabilities to provide a highly secure, reliable connection.


ewonen / 09/24/2020

October Will See Data Limits Raised for Talk2M

Good news! As of October 1st, the temporary upgrade that we provided to all of our clients to help them in the context of Covid...
ewonen / 07/08/2020

Wastewater Treatment Company Uses Fetch to Collect Data From Ewon Flexy

Ewon Flexy industrial routers allow for the collection of data from the most popular control systems. When a Canadian wastewate...
ewonen / 11/18/2019

Remote Access to Wind Turbines Enables Us to Simultaneously Maintain an Increased Number of Them

Wind Energy Solutions (WES) is based in Holland. Wind turbines built by this company stand today on islands in Indonesia, in th...
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