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Repair and sale of motors SIEMENS

  • We repair and remanufactured motors series 1FT5, 1FT6, 1FK6, 1FK7, 1PH4, 1PH5, 1PH6, 1PH7, 1HU3, 1HU4, 1HU5 and more
  • Repair fixed price that you know in advance
  • Correction + preventive replacement of key functional components
  • Corrections in exchange for the cost of repair
  • Repairs to 4-5 weeks
  • Emphasis on proper testing under load
  • Free pick-up parts for repair

Repair SIEMENS servomotors include:

  • repair and testing of incremental and absolute encoders
  • repair and testing of serial encoders
  • adjustment of the encoder
  • inspection and repair Resolver
  • Resolver adjustment
  • inspection and repair commutator sensors
  • adjustment commutator sensors
  • reset the encoder memory
  • inspection and testing of the magnetic field
  • check the brakes
  • control braking torque
  • inspection and replacement of bearings
  • of the shaft
  • Checking and replacing the retaining rings
  • renovation of mechanical parts
  • cleaning of all parts of the servomotor
  • insulation testing
  • Check plug
  • control winding
  • rewinding the stator

Opravy servomotorů SIEMENS 1FT5, 1FT6, 1FK6, 1FK7, 1PH4, 1PH5, 1PH6, 1PH7, 1HU3, 1HU4, 1HU5

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