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Repair modules SIMODRIVE 611 with 1 year warranty
Foxon Company Ltd. provides repair and sale of used and new cards of Siemens SIMODRIVE 611 In addition to damaged parts and preventive exchanging the functional components that are out of our experience failure and eventually cease to function. Consequently, we believe 100% functionality repaired cards and give you a 12 month warranty. Cards SIMODRIVE 611 to repair and test service center UnisGroup, Netherlands.

Opravy a prodej SIEMENS SIMODRIVE 611, FOXON s.r.o.

Testing fixed modules SIMODRIVE 611 for several days
We place the utmost emphasis on 100% testing corrected card, which for several days running under full load. In our conditions, we are able to load modules up to 315kW. Long-term burden to show its cards STABILA and quality, so the cards are routinely tested SIMODRIVE 5-7 days nonstop. Each measurement is a report on the progress of the testing process, the customer gets corrected with each module SIMODRIVE 611

Testovní SIEMENS SIMODRIVE 611 pod zátěží, FOXON s.r.o.

Why not like to carry out repairs Express cards SIMODRIVE
SIMODRIVE 611, skladem v Liberci, firma FOXON s.r.o. Many companies now offer SIMODRIVE repairs while you wait. We are also able to offer a quick fix SIMODRIVE cards within 3-5 days, but we přednoststandardní the repairs four weeks exchange or repair. When you express repair customer understandably rushes to repair and test module is the difference half an hour or four days. What happens is that the module will load report after three days of error. So again, check, repair and put into long-term test until they successfully pass. Once you decide to repair the module SIMODRIVE 611, you can be sure that you get back repaired and above 100% tested part that has been tested under full load.

SIMODRIVE 611 in stock in Liberec
Foxon Company Ltd. holds stock in Liberec most commonly used control and power cards SIMODRIVE 611 Power cards successfully passed several days of testing, and all are guaranteed one year. The power card is also available a report on the stress tests. Cards on the exchange we have new and used. UsedCards are repaired and tested in the Dutch service UNISGROUP. These parts are intended for sale or exchange for your defective parts. Ready for delivery!

We stock both new and older SIMODRIVE 611 card set:

6SN1118 ...
6SN1123 ...
6SN1145 ...

Replacement cost for repairs - only at Foxon!!
Foxon Company Ltd. offers repair, exchange and sell cards SIMODRIVE 611 The improvement of services by introducing 21 March 2011 a unique service in the field of repairs cards SIMODRIVE 611 If we have your broken SIMODRIVE stock in Liberec, we will replace it for the cost of repair! The part is available for pickup in Liberec, we can send it to you express taxi or courier delivery the next working day.

Your advantages:

  1. Speed - for your broken part from us you have a fully functional and tested card, which is available for pickup in Liberec (Liberec if it is in stock)
  2. Save - we have the card stock in Liberec, then you pay for the exchange as well as for repair. We do not have the part in stock in Liberec, the exchange is about 10% more expensive than repair.
  3. modernizes - If your card is older type as-0CA0 and we have stock later - 0CA1 -0CA2, we will replace the same price later for older!
  4. Minimize downtime of your production - with immediate stock availability make rapid exchange and manufacture goes on
  5. certainty - older cards SIMODRIVE manufacturer does not have, but we have them in stock and we can fix them!
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