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Need to replace old CRT monitor?


We compatible TFT replacement monitor for CRT monitor original for most major manufacturers of CNC machines and monitors. The new monitor has the same electrical and mechanical connections, so just remove the original broken and his place Zandi and engage new TFT monitor. Replacement RGB monitor for new TFT monitor

It does not work if you original RGB monitor the CNC machine, you have three options for its replacement:

  • purchase the monitor from the same manufacturer, but this is usually the most expensive option with a longer delivery time, or have a manufacturer that does not offer the monitor. The original monitor is replaced with the same type which is of course equally bulky, heavy, gives the same heat to the surroundings, has its limited video settings, etc.

  • purchase TFT monitor, which is manufactured as a compatible replacement for the original 1:1 CRT monitor. Advantages include quick delivery, lower price than the original original, full video-electro-mechanical compatibility with the original monitor / location, less heat radiation into the environment, less weight and improved the video image. Although we offer a large number of TFT monitorsfor specific types most commonly used CNC machines / RGB screens, we do not currently have a menu that your machine type / monitor. For the successful identification of the correct refund is to send us an indication monitor a machine or still photos full screen.

  • purchase RGB-VGA monitor or video converter to which you connect the video output of your video card and display the image in any VGA monitor. The big advantage is price and availability, unfortunately the chances of high-quality image processing is based on our experience, about 50%. For the successful transfer of video signal needs to video converter can handle the type of synchronization used the image type and resolution of the image V + H frequency image. In practice, a large number of combinations, and are currently on the market is not a transducer, which are all supported. U of the converters / monitor is always given range of supported video inputs, however we recommend a method of trial and error. Transmitter or monitor you lend yourself and try out whether you can successfully receive the signal from the video card.
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