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Ewon Flexy 205 – IIoT Starter Kit

Would you like to try remote access and the collection, storage and visualisation of data, with the second generation of the industrial router Ewon Flexy 205? At half price, the Starter Kit for Flexy 205 will enable you to do just that. The kit is a complete solution it includes an IO extension card with an IO simulator module for simulating digital / analogue inputs and outputs for alarm and event generation and for processing data in the viewON visualisation application.

Part no:

Price (tax excl.):11 882 Kč

Price (tax incl.):14 377,22 Kč

Availability: In Stock in Liberec


Would you like to try a complete Ewon Flexy solution? The IIoT Starter Kit will enable you to do just that.  You will be sent a complete package containing all you need – at half price, compared to the total price for all the individual components.

The IIoT Starter Kit includes:

  • Ethernet cable
  • Pluggable Power Supply (EU/US compatible)
  • screwdriver
  • Quick Start Guide leaflet
  • Welcome letter and a Sticker

Router Ewon Flexy 205 

Ewon Flexy 205 is a compact modular IIoT gateway for collecting Remote Data and providing Remote Access to your industrial equipment. With a configurable WAN/LAN switch, this gateway offers a wide range of extension cards to best fit your application and is perfect for data-intensive applications. Whether your requirements are to: create alarms, monitor dashboards, collect data for machine performance analysis, or even other advanced solutions, the Flexy 205 will meet your needs and expand your possibilities.
Like other routers from the Flexy family, the Flexy 205 has a web-based configuration and built-in scripting tools for customization.
Through the use of our Talk2M APIs, HTTPs scripting, or MQTT scripting, we enable easy integration with your favorite IIoT platform. The flexibility and robustness of the Flexy 205 guarantees a wide array of value-add services for Machines Builders.

Hardware Description

  1.  LED panel
  2.  RESET button - BI1
  3.  SD card slot
  4.  Main connector Used to connect the power supply and the digital I/O
  5.  2 slots fillers Can be removed and replaced by extension cards
  6.  Main board communication interfaces: 4 Ethernet Ports

Complete overview of connection and hardware settings of the router

In the Summary tab you will find a complete overview of Internet connection, IP router, VPN connection and last but not least information about connected WiFi expansion cards for WAN client (FLB3271_00) and I / O cards (FLX3402_00) 8x DI, 4x AI and 2x DO.


Flexibility means the ability to purchase additional expansion cards for example, for other connectivity to devices from which we want to collect data or FLB3202 and FLB3204 (EU) cards to connect to the Internet via a mobile operator.

We can use a few kind of extension cards.

Flexy extension cards specifications

Only 1 piece of this product per customer can be ordered.

Tips for strating are HERE

Talk2M Cloud

The Talk2M is a cloud service for the field of industrial automation. It enables you to securely connect to remote Ewon routers, perform remote access operations and collect data from control systems connected to the routers. Using the Talk2M, you can remotely program and troubleshoot your PLCs as if you were on-site.

The Talk2M utilises the technology of VPN (Virtual Private Network) and tunnelling. This cloud service facilitates communication between users and their machines in such a way that data can be transferred seamlessly.

The Talk2M is available in two variations – the Talk2M FREE+ and the Talk2M PRO. The Talk2M FREE+ is free of charge, but supports only a limited amount of data transferred and only a single VPN connection at a time. The PRO version, which is a paid version, supports multiple connections at a time. It also enables you to grant various user permissions and increase the limit on data transferred if needed. Below you can learn more about the two versions and decide which would be more suitable for you.


We recommend upgrading the firmware of your Ewons to the latest version. 

The way you upgrade an Ewon's firmware depends on the type of Ewon and its current firmware version. To learn more, please read the article How to Upgrade Your Ewon's Firmware: A Full Summary.

When upgrading firmware, use the latest version of the eBuddy software.

For a comprehensive summary of changes to firmware versions for the Ewon Flexy 10x/20x, the 205 and the Cosy 131, please visit this website – Detailed release notes.

New important features and fixes are also announced through Ewon's news webpage.

Software & Documentation

When you first turn on Ewon, you need to go through the start-up wizard and then configure your Ewon according to your requirements. For easier and faster setup and troubleshooting of Ewon, you can use the support portal where you can find installation, start-up and configuration guides as well as tutorials, FAQs and much more. In case you need to implement the Ewon router TIA/STEP, you can download the configuration file here.

Technical Support Portal

For Ewon modems, we recommend upgrading to the latest firmware version. Upgrading the firmware can improve the performance of your modem. Firmware upgrades are usually released as result of implementing new features, improving security and usability, or fixing bugs. Firmware upgrades can be done in several ways and each is designed for a different situation. For an overview of the changes in each firmware version for Ewon Cosy 131 and Ewon Flexy 205, please refer to the release notes.

Software & Firmware

The current status of the Talk2M service, scheduled downtime and downtime history can be found at the link below.

Talk2M Status

For documentation and any available manuals for the Ewons to make working with the Ewons easier, please see the link below.


For all the latest news regarding Ewon routers and the Talk2M cloud service, please see the link below


You can also search Ewon/HMS forums for any issues not found in the documentation. You can also use the e-learning portal for self-education and understanding of Ewon.

Ewon Forum

HMS Forum



For the manufacturer of Ewon routers and provider of the Talk2M cloud service, security is top priority. By balancing security with ease of use, Ewon has created the ultimate remote solution that works great for both users and IT managers. You can download the comprehensive Talk2M IT cybersecurity brochure here. You can read the most common questions with regard to security here.

Approved by IT

Full integration of IT security standards means little or no IT changes required. Get the ultimate solution to manage your remote connectivity needs with maximum control, visibility and security.

ISO 27001 Certified

Both Ewon's Talk2M cloud and its gateways are ISO 27001-certified. The heart of this certification is continuous improvement in terms of Information Security. You can download the certificate here.

Layered IT Security Approach

While ease of use is important, the security, integrity, and reliability of the Talk2M cloud infrastructure and its users' networks remains Ewon's first priority.

Close Partnership with NVISO

To ensure that our solution is adapted to the constantly evolving security environment, we work very closely with an independent cybersecurity firm. With their expertise in technology, telecommunications and financial services, along with co-development of the OWASP Security Verification Standard, NVISO helps us meet the highest quality standards.


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