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eWON Flexy 205

The Ewon Flexy 205 is an advanced internet data gateway that allows Machine Builders to monitor and collect vital KPIs for analysis and predictive maintenance. With data logging, alarming, built-in web interface, scripting and enhanced internet connectivity, the Flexy 205 is a modular Internet Gateway for your IoT deployment. It also supports VPN Remote Access for easy troubleshooting of your distant industrial equipment.


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Choose base module FLEXY
I have modul, I need extension card
Flexy 205
Choose extension cards FLEXY
FLA3301 - 2x serial port RS232/485, card type A
FLB3202 - 3G modem GSM, card type B
FLB3271 - Wifi for Internet connection, card B
FLX3402 - 8DI, 4AI, 2DO
I have FLEXY card, I need base module
FLB3601 - 3x USB Ports, card type B
FLB3204 - 4G modem, without antenna, card type B
FLC3701, 1x MPI port, card type C

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591 €

591 €



This unique router is a modular industrial router whose base module includes 4 LAN ports and two slots for extension cards. The router offers a wide range of extension cards to meet your requirements while being more compact than the original FLEXY series.


The Ewon Flexy 205 is an advanced internet data gateway that allows Machine Builders to monitor and collect vital KPIs for analysis and predictive maintenance. With data logging, alarming, built-in web interface, scripting and enhanced internet connectivity, the Flexy 205 is a modular Internet Gateway for your IoT deployment. It also supports VPN Remote Access for easy troubleshooting of your distant industrial equipment.

Flexy 205 main features 


Allow service engineers to troubleshoot and tune equipment without going on site.
Secure VPN Remote connectivity using Ethernet (built-in), Wifi or Cellular (extension cards).


Support all major PLC protocols (Siemens, Rockwell, Mitsubishi, Schneider and many others + Modbus, OPC UA, BACNET/IP).
Enable alarming, machine KPIs, historical logging.


Log up to one million time-stamped data values.
Logged files can be easily retrieved or sent for data aggregation and analysis using HTTPs, MQTT or FTP.


Configure alarms on key parameters.
Send notifications by e-mail or SMS using Talk2M services.


Embed web dashboards (HTML5) to present real-time machine data.
Use the M2Web service to monitor theses dashboards from smartphones or tablets.


Customize your gateway with Basic Scripting.
Develop a Java application for advanced features such as adding a custom I/O driver, optimizing your application or integration with 3rd party applications.


Embedded to offer easy-to-deploy data integration within factories.


2 slots available to insert up to 2 extension cards and benefit from wide flexible connectivity.

Flexy 205 - Datové služby





eWON Gateway station file for STEP7® cfgv3.13.31 kB

eWON configuration file for import into NetPro network setup in the STEP7®.

eWON Gateway station file for STEP7® (with WinCC installed)cfgv3.23.74 kB

eWON configuration file for import into NetPro network setup in the STEP7®, with WinCC installed.

eWON Gateway station library for TIA V11zip458.54 kB

eWON configuration file for import into the TIA portal V11

Talk2M VPN checkerzip4.48 MB

The Talk2MConnectionChecker allows to verify if the needed outgoing ports for the Talk2M connection are opened on your Internet connection.

Talk2M Pro connection checkermsi2.0.0496.00 kB

Win7 (or XP) 64bit The Talk2MConnectionChecker allows to verify if the needed outgoing ports for the Talk2M connection are opened on your Internet connection. It tests the various communication channels available to connect to the Talk2M servers. No real VPN connection is performed though.

eWON Gateway station library for TIA V12zip658.56 kB

eWON configuration file for import into the TIA portal V12

eWON Gateway station library for TIA V13zip921.99 kB

eWON configuration file for import into the TIA portal V13

eBuddy 12.0exe12.33.19 MB

NEW version. Free eWON add-on tool to easily - set up eWON IP address, upload eWON firmware upgrades, backup/restore data and configurations. Requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7 - 64 bits

eCatcher v.6.1.2msi6.4.078.04 MB

NEW version. eCatcher - easy, secure, Internet remote access with Talk2M. For Free+ and Pro services.

eWON Gateway station library for TIA V14zip138.93 kB

eWON configuration file for import into the TIA portal V14

Dokumenty výrobce

eWON - Declaration of Conformity - ENpdf2019-05239.02 kB

EC Declaration of conformity for eWON CD family

eWON - General Reference Guide - ENpdf3.07.13 MB
eWON eCatcher 4 - Security Features - ENpdfv1.00.96 MB
eWON eCatcher4 - New Features - ENpdfv1.0965.81 kB
eWON eCatcher4 - Getting started - ENpdfv2.01.55 MB
eWON Flexy - Datasheet - ENpdf901.63 kB
How to configure the initial value of Digital Output 1 of eWON Flexy modelpdfv1.0313.78 kB

Configure the initial value of Digital Output 1 (DO1)

eWON Flexy - FLA3301 - Brochurepdf585.52 kB
eWON Flexy - FLA3501 - Brochurepdf1.26 MB
eWON Flexy - FLB3202 - Brochurepdf1.01 MB
eWON Flexy - FLX3101 - Brochurepdf531.34 kB
eWON Flexy - FLX3401 - Brochurepdf1.93 MB
eWON Flexy - FLB3601 - Brochurepdf2.00 MB
eWON - Getting Startedpdfv1.31.24 MB

Getting Started guide explains how to power up eWON, connect eWON and how to handle the general settings of eWON and briefly explain its main features.

eWON – remote solutionspdfv1.13.57 MB
eWON Flexy - FLB3204 - Brochurepdf2.16 MB
Flexy 205 Brochurepdf3.78 MB

brochure EN

Flexy 205 - datasheetpdf20191.31 MB

datasheet EN

eWON – geolocationpdfv1.01.00 MB

user guide for router location  

eWON Flexy – Family User Guidepdfv1.22.18 MB
eWON Flexy – Export Block DescriptorpdfRG0009-00404.26 kB

An Export Block Descriptor is a string of characters describing the eWON data to export a predefined syntax.

eWON Flexy Family – reference guidepdfv1.31.31 MB
eWON Flexy – IO serverspdfRG0007-002.14 MB

reference guide

eWON Flexy – FLB 3601pdfv1.09.42 MB

USB Extension Card

eWON Flexy – FLA 3501pdfv1.23.30 MB

PSTN Extension Card - reference guide

eWON Flexy – FLB 3271pdfv1.62.80 MB

Wi-Fi Extension Card - reference guide

eWON Flexy – FLB 3202pdfv1.41.51 MB

3G GSM Extension Card - reference guide

eWON Flexy – FLX 3402pdfv1.14.94 MB

8DI-4AI-2DO Ext. Card - reference guide

eWON Flexy – FLX 3101pdfv1.21.61 MB

Single Ethernet Ext. Card - reference guide

eWON Flexy – FLA 3301pdfv1.32.10 MB

2 Serial Ports Ext. Card - reference guide

eWON Flexy – FLC 3701pdfv1.1552.27 kB

MPI Extension Card - reference guide

eWON Flexy – FLB 3205pdfv1.0700.23 kB

4G (NA) Extension Card - reference guide

eWON Flexy – FLB 3204pdfv1.2636.65 kB

4G (Europe) Extension Card - reference guide

eWON Flexy 205 – installation guidepdfv1.21.10 MB


eVCOMexe1.3.1.341.36 MB

Simulation of virtual com port


General Features

RoutingRouting capability between LAN and WAN Ethernet interface and Ethernet to serial gateway
Ethernet to Serial Gateways


Data Acquisition Protocols

OPC UA, MODBUS/RTU, MODBUS/TCP, Unitelway, DF1, PPI, MPI (S7), PROFIBUS (S7), FINS Hostlink, FINS TCP, EtherNet/IP™, ISO TCP, Mitsubishi FX, Hitachi EH, ASCII, BACnet/IP. Stored in 2500 internal tags

Data Publishing Protocols



Alarms notification by email, SMS, FTP put and/or SNMP traps. 4 Thresholds : low, lowlow, high, highhigh + deadband and activation delay.Alarm logs in http and via FTP, Alarm cycle: ALM, RTN, ACK and END


Internal data base for data logging (real-time logging and historical logging up to 1,000,000 timestamps). Retrieval of the database with files transferred by FTP or email

SD card reader

YES, for easy commissioning (firmware upgrade, backup, Talk2M registration).


IP filtering, IP forwarding, NAT, Port forwarding, Proxy, Routing table, DHCP client/server

VPN TunnellingOpen VPN either in SSL UDP or HTTPS
VPN Security

VPN sessions are end-to-end encrypted using SSL/TLS protocol. Communications between the remote user and the eWON are fully encrypted using the SSL/TLS protocol, thereby ensuring data authenticity, integrity & confidentiality. Indeed, all users and eWON units are authenticated using x509 SSL certificates and end-to-end traffic is encrypted using strong symmetric & asymmetric algorithms that are part of the SSL/TLS protocol cipher suite.


Script interpreter for Basic language, Java 2 Standard Edition environment

SynchronizationEmbedded real-time clock, manual setup via http or automatic via NTP

File Management

FTP client and server for configuration, firmware update and data transfer


Embedded web interface with setup wizards for configuration and maintenance (no extra software needed). Authentication with login/password and session control for security. Possibility of uploading custom web GUI. Compatible with viewON web HMI.

User Flash Disk

up to 30MB available for user application


SNMP and/or via FTP files

Temperature Range

Operating: -25°C to +70°C, 10 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)

Storage: -40°C to +70°C, 10 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)

Warranty36 months

Flexy 205 Base Module


Din Rail or wall screw fixing system

Dimensions: 133 x 122 x 55 mm (H x D x W );

Weight: 280 g without extension card

Power supply

12 - 24VDC +/-20%, LPS

Consumption: depending on the extension card installed (see Installation guide on our website)


2x digital input: 0 to 12/24VDC; 1.5kV isolation

1x digital output: open drain (MOSFET) 200mA; 1.5 kV isolation

Flexy 205 base module interface

4 x RJ45 Ethernet 10/100 Mb .Configurable LAN/WAN ports, port 1 always LAN

Flexy Extenstion Cards:

Dual serial ports (FLA3301)

Number of ports

1x male SUBD9 serial port RS232/422/485 configurable by dipswitch and 1x male SUBD9 RS232 serial port with RTS, CTS signals

Cellular 3G+ (FLB3202)


Pentaband UMTS/HSPA+ modem (800/850, 900, AWS1700, 1900, 2100 MHz)

Quad band GPRS/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)

Antenna ConnectorType SMA - Female


Not included in the delivery

EU 4G LTE (FLB3204)


4G: B7(2600), B1(2100), B3(1800), B8(900), B20 (800)MHz

3G: B1 (2100), B8 (900) MHz

2G: B3 (1800) , B8(900) MHz

Antenna ConnectorType SMA - Female
AntennaNot included in the deliver

WiFi (FLB3271)

Wan connectivityWiFi: 802.11 b/g/n WiFi/WLAN client for remote connection
FrequenciesChannels: 1 to 11 ( inclusive )
SecurityWPA2, WPA and WEP
Antenna ConnectorReverse SMA male connector

included in the delivery; frequency: 2.4 GHz; impedance: 50 Ohms, gain:2.0 dB

I/O card (FLX3402)

Number of inputs/outputI/O card with 8x DI, 2x DO, 4x AI (0-10V, 4-20mA)

AI : voltage mode 0-10V - 16 bit resolution or current mode 4-20mA, user selectable with Dip Switch configuration. DI : 0 to 12/24 VDC,DO: 2A/30V VAC/VDC


AI: 1.5kV from power supply, DI: 1.5 kV from electronic AND power supply, DO: 1.5kV from electronic AND from power supply

3 USB Ports Card (FLB3601)

Leds4 leds : 1 global status, 1 for each port status

Type A female

Current limit

Each port has its own 500mA current limit. Global current limit on the board is 500mA

Port activationAll ports will be enabled/disabled together

Earth GND isolation is limited to 500V due to USB connector design

Ethernet WAN (FLX3101)

Ethernet port

1x RJ45 Ethernet 10/100 base Tx; 1.5kV isolation

MPI (FLC3701)

1 x female SUBD9 MPI port, 1.5kV functional isolation from power supply


How do I change the IP Adress of my eWON?

Jak změnit IP adresu v eWONu

How do I make a backup of my eWON and restore it?

Jak udělat zálohu a obnovu eWONu?

How do I update the firmware of my eWON?

Jak mohu aktualizovat firmware eWONu?


The eWON firmware is in constant evolution. To take advantage of new features and solved problems, you may need to upgrade the firmware of your eWON.

The way how to upgrade eWON firmware depends on the type of eWON modem and also on the current version of firmware - you can see clear instructions: How to upgrade firmware of eWON modems - complete overview.

Please, be sure to use the latest eBuddy version to upgrade your eWON.


12.0s1 (7.3.2017)

  • ADDED: PLC discovery available on Cosy 131 and Flexy (COMCFG parameter: BroadcastForwarder).
  • CHANGED: Improved speed of shutdown and reboot.
  • FIXED: Cosy 131 wizard system slow (even timeouts) when WAN cable wasn"t plugged in.
  • CHANGED: WiFi connection stability improvement.
  • FIXED: Problems with GSM initialization and SMS sending.
  • FIXED: Reboot issue when the communication with some PLC could not be established.


12.0s0 (30.1.2017)

  • FIXED: Flexy modbus polling is now much faster when polling a big amount of tags
  • FIXED: Configuration parameter DHCPTO (default: 45000) now sets all the DHCP client requests timeout (expressed in milliseconds, require a reboot, 3 retries on timeout error)
  • ADDED: PLC discovery
  • FIXED: Proxy rule to connect SNMP device now works
  • ADDED: BacnetIP IOserver
  • ADDED: WAN on demand available on all WAN interfaces
  • ADDED: New BASIC2 function WriteEBD to stream EBD (Export Block Descriptor) content to files
  • ADDED: User partition space extension with the EUM card (EXT3)
  • FIXED: One char was missing when using the AlarmHint Keyword in alarm email template
  • FIXED: HTTPREQUESTX support PORT in url (example:
  • FIXED: OPCUA correctly handles "Force Read Only" tag attribute.
  • FIXED: GSM IMSI parameter now logs as a warning, not an error
  • FIXED: Create/modify tags while many MELSEC tags are polled
  • FIXED: Execution of two Basic scripts in parallel is not a problem anymore
  • FIXED: MELSEC IOServer: It was not possible to set value D (0xD) for the Y (Output) option
  • ADDED: Bit selection for MODBUS IOSERVER
  • FIXED: Avoid disconnecting Internet connection when sending GSM SMS
  • FIXED: End of frame received was missing in Modbus with a slow baudrate (< 9600 bauds)


11.2s2 (20.12.2016)

  • FIXED: eWON stopped polling MPI after few hours
  • FIXED: Synchronization error with default NTP server clock does no more lead to configure an invalid date
  • FIXED: FLEXY: Flexy equipped with WAN ethernet extension board sometimes lost its Internet connection
  • FIXED: Security update


11.2s1 (11.7.2016)

  • 9024 - FIXED: Java ReadInterfaceInfo was returning LAN interface info when using a WAN modem connection
  • 8979 - FIXED: BASIC2: HTTPREQUESTX with empty headers issued requests with ":" headers content
  • 8975 - FIXED: BASIC2: HTTPREQUESTX wasn"t working properly when the QUERY part was empty
  • 8943 - ADDED: FLEXY: Support of USB 3-ports extension board
  • 8942 - ADDED: FLEXY: Support of IO 4-20mA extension board
  • 8912 - FIXED: BASIC2: Recursive function calls work as expected with one character long integer parameter names
  • 8889 - FIXED: DHCP client didn"t renew the lease
  • 8874 - ADDED: OPC UA server
  • 8873 - ADDED: DHCP server on LAN
  • 8826 - FIXED: Gateway route was not added for WIFI with static IP address
  • 8711 - FIXED: Default SMS subject on alarm was wrong
  • 8621 - FIXED: ParamSSI tags in web pages can be used when "user pages security" is disabled
  • 8619 - FIXED: DHCP discovery timeout is now 7 seconds
  • 8563 - FIXED: BASIC2: REQUESTHTTPX COMMAND didn"t work with HTTPs and PROXY enabled
  • 8470 - FIXED: IMSI is not read for 4G Japanese modem (subscriber id not available in Japan)
  • 7781 - FIXED: Bigger buffer for PUTHTTP (4000 bytes)
  • 7457 - ADDED: USR LED blinks red during ewon firmware upgrade on Flexy and Cosy 131.
  • 7165 - FIXED: IOSERVER: JAVA IO Server config was not set at startup


11.1s0 (4.5.2016)

  • ADDED: Errors muting: mute repetitive patterns in the event log
  • ADDED: You are now allowed to perform HTTPS requests in BASIC2 and Java (using existing GET/PUT HTTP commands, specifying https:// in the URL)
  • ADDED: New BASIC2 commands RequestHTTPX and ResponseHTTPX enabling REST API calls
  • ADDED: You can add custom certificates by FTP for your HTTPS requests
  • CHANGED: FLEXY/COSY: CA root certificates updated with latest certificates from Mozilla foundation
  • FIXED: Reading non existing info block in Java on a Flexy used to crash
  • FIXED: Deleting a directory with Java now works on Flexy
  • FIXED: LAN Static IP on same network than WAN DHCP is no more accepted by eWON
  • FIXED: Flexy did not reconfigure VPN when eFive public IP was changing
  • FIXED: eWON devices were unable to reconnect to a new Talk2M server when using VPN/TCP mode
  • FIXED: Wifi level was not displayed on LED and on status page
  • FIXED: IT language was proposed on Cosy 141
  • FIXED: Parker HMI now supported by USBIP feature
  • FIXED: FLEXY: changed, from 9 to 34, the IO label limitation in tag helper to take into account optional IO boards


11.0s0 (22.1.2016)

  • INFO: eBuddy 11 is required to upgrade to firmware 11
  • INFO: Downgrade prohibited to version lower than 11
  • FIXED: missing texts on some modem related messages on eWON CD"s.
  • FIXED: USBIP devices list only available for uk language
  • FIXED: VCOM: Burst of serial data from device to eWON could lead to watchdog if serial data entered at constant rate until buffer was full. Resulted in watchdog.
  • FIXED: BASIC2 string starting with character "@" was triggered as a function call instead of just a string.
  • ADDED: New parameter SDConfigEnable in Comcfg to enable/disable configuration by SD card (default: ON)
  • ADDED: It is now possible to perform a recovery with the SD card
  • FIXED: NAT 1:1 from WAN to LAN was filtered when Talk2M wizard was executed due to a too restrictive filter. Now correctly allow NAT 1:1 packets when NAT 1:1 is enabled with T2M.
  • ADDED: comcfg parameter T2MKey and T2MNote to allow ARK T2M registration feature (include T2M.txt on an SDCard)
  • ADDED: SD Card can now be inserted in Flexy, Cosy 2 to configure/restore (SD Config)
  • ADDED: new parameter in comcfg GeolocEnable (TRUE by default) to activate geoloc when connecting eWON to Talk2M.
  • CHANGED: eWON Flexy, Cosy 2 wan eth activated with dhcp by default.
  • FIXED: FINS IO Server, when a read request generates a Sub Response Error, the request fails, even if the main response is valid. This leads to rejecting good responses from the PLC incorrectly when the PLC encounters problems with other actors on the bus.
  • FIXED: Email templates: when using email templates, the number of chars between 2 template"s tags was limited to 100 characters (including the data itself).
  • FIXED: BASIC 2 IOServer extended syntax caused eWON reboot.
  • FIXED: improved usbip support for PLC Allen Bradley CompactLogic
  • FIXED: improved usbip support for PLC Omron
  • FIXED: WiFi BSSID roaming and connection stability improved (no more disconnection).
  • FIXED: SMS notification with ewon CD with some simcom modems with some career was not possible during internet connection.


10.1s0 (26.11.2015)

  • FIXED: When gateway ports were set to 0, they were listening on a random port instead of being closed (applies to Modbus, FINS, IsoTCP).
  • FIXED: eWON was not able to establish a WiFi connection when a full charge BASIC script was running.
  • FIXED: USBIP: When the USBIP configuration was the default one, checking "Erase config" in the wizard stopped but didn"t restart the USBIP.
  • FIXED: An error "could not rename file to backup" was always raised after first reboot following a format.
  • FIXED: Some non standard commands in FTP/HTTP servers caused eWON to reboot. Security reinforcement.
  • FIXED: Setting a breakpoint inside a function could hang the BASIC execution queue
  • FIXED: ViewON access rights are always set to "active" for "adm" user.
  • ADDED: BASIC IDE: It"s now possible to select and copy editor"s content when program.bas is running
  • FIXED: eWON equipped with a Simcom modem (HSUPA) could not send a SMS.
  • FIXED: Upgrading firmware produced a "usbip-eveusbd daemon error"
  • CHANGED: BASIC function parameters of type INTEGER can now have a name which is only 1 character long.
  • FIXED: PROXY: It was in some cases impossible to reconnect to a VNC-enabled device after a VPN deconnection
  • FIXED: USBIP is compatible with Omron PLC devices since the update of the Eltima driver 3.6.0 from 2015/10/1
  • FIXED: When Modbus PreDelayVal had a big value (ex 1000), writing Modbus registers could be abnormally slow.
  • FIXED: When too many tags were defined (ex: Modbus), it was sometimes impossible to update or delete tag and eWON rebooted due to watchdog.
  • FIXED: Putting file dewonfwr.edf on eWON FTP server now triggers a full reset of the eWON (sys, com, /usr, ...)
  • ADDED: It"s now possible to set the WiFi Security manually using the Wizard GUI
  • ADDED: Different DNS and Gateway can be provided for Ethernet and WiFi WAN interfaces


10.0s2 (26.11.2015)

  • ADDED: specific handling of firmware upgrade to fix incorrect firmware revision in 10.0s0 and 10.0s1.


10.0s1 (12.11.2015)

  • FIXED: eWON equipped with a Simcom modem (HSUPA) could not send a SMS.
  • FIXED: PPP accumulated outgoing/incoming traffic could be negative.


10.0s0 (4.9.2015)

  • ADDED: BASIC IDE: It"s now possible to set breakpoints (add, remove) or pause the program execution for debug purpose (pause, abort, continue, step, step over).
  • FIXED: BASIC IDE: Using Tab Key inside the editor deleted content rather than changing indentation when there was an active selection.
  • FIXED: BASIC IDE: Printing the 0 character used to block the console.
  • ADDED: NAT 1-1 allows you to remaps IP"s from LAN to another IP on another network interface.
  • FIXED: Incoming call not working properly on eWON with PSTN modem.
  • FIXED: Flexy: eWON does not reboot automatically when the GSM Modem software reset failed.
  • FIXED: USBIP devices list is well cleared when USB is powered off.
  • ADDED: wizard, status and informations of usbip in cosy 2 web interface (wizard).
  • ADDED: eWON unregisters all USB connected devices before disabling USB.
  • FIXED: BASIC2, labels can now be indented, adapted syntax highlighting in BASIC IDE.
  • FIXED: BASIC2: using reference to array (function) always point to first element.
  • FIXED: BASIC2: Invalid parameter type check when passing parameter by reference to function.
  • FIXED: BASIC2: syntax highlight when multiple arrays on the same line is now correctly handled in BASIC IDE.
  • FIXED: Flexy: since revision 9 the modem type text was displayed as empty, only the corresponding number was displayed.
  • ADDED: If max number of available NAT entries drops to 0, the eWON will reboot with a specific critical error.



  • ADDED: Support of the USB over IP for the eWON Cosy 131
  • CHANGED: WifiDeb (com config param) renamed in WIFI_DEBUG (standardization purpose).
  • FIXED: BASIC IDE: Renaming a section in the Outline panel with the same name showed hidden section comments in the code editor
  • FIXED: BASIC IDE: Copy-Paste in the editor used to remove leading and anchor carriage return
  • FIXED: Basic program saved using the basic IDE is now runnable immediately (no reboot needed).
  • FIXED: float tags for IO Server DF1 with negative values are now correctly displayed.
  • FIXED: eWON sends an erroneous request to eSync server when ID length is more than 20 characters and password is set
  • FIXED: configuration menu of LAN ethernet now only show ip/mask when WAN ethernet is available (and gateway is no more diplayed).
  • FIXED: LANWANConfig (cosy 2 switch configuration) parameter is now ignored when not on a cosy 2.
  • FIXED: Restore backup on cosy 131 causing crash and no restore.
  • FIXED: Unable to switch UDP connection on a secondary eFive VPN server when the primary eFive becomes unreachable.
  • FIXED-CHANGED: Operators precedence in Basic fixed:
    • - (unary)
    • ^ (before ^ was at the same level as * / MOD)
    • * / MOD
    • + -"



  • FIXED: On slow connections, user could experience long delay for loading web pages from the eWON.
  • FIXED: FLEXY: tls-auth (OpenVPN) advanced option not working on Flexy.
  • ADDED: Flexy: It is now possible, via the DO1Init ComCfg parameter, to configure the initial value of DO1 (digit output) of Flexy when it boots.
  • ADDED: Support for Nagle algorithm bypass in OpenVPN for TCP protocol. On Flexy and Cosy 131 models, an eWON recovery is required to install this feature.



  • ADDED: Basic program can now be edited via the eWON web interface in a user friendly text editor providing eWON BASIC language syntax highlighting.
  • FIXED: ioTag.getValueFloat32() function always returned "the ioTag format is not correct".
  • FIXED: In MITSUFX IOServer, access to register D8000->D8511 on FX3 PLC type led to invalid addressing (and value).
  • FIXED: In event log, ovpn (openvpn) was not part of IP communication event class.
  • FIXED: FLEXY: Watchdog occurred when browsing in alarm history.
  • FIXED: COSY: MPI Profibus stations table was not loaded.
  • FIXED: In the MELSEC IOServer, in UDP mode, when an error occurred (timeout, invalid data received,..) the UDP socket was not closed, leading to possible socket leak.
  • FIXED: Memory leak on Flexy when accessing the estat (or INF) block.
  • FIXED: FLEXY: MPI reconnection shortly after disconnection to the same PLC could lead to eWON watchdog reboot.



  • ADDED: Support for eWON other than Flexy and Cosy 13x for features above 8.0s2



  • FIXED: Writing negative values in a tag defined as float via SNMP lead to incorrect result in tag value.
  • ADDED: The Tags" value, quality and alarm status can be refreshed automatically according to a user-specified refresh time in the eWON View I/O Section"s Tag List
  • FIXED: Flexy: Writing big values via SNMP leads to rounding error in actual value.
  • FIXED: Flexy: When using Hitachi serial interface, eWON reboots when baudrate is 0 and topic is enabled
  • FIXED: WIFI now correctly stops connection when AP is not reachable or down.
  • FIXED: Very huge SMS sent by mobile operator could reset eWON
  • FIXED: switching from WiFi to Eth as WAN source causing WAN missconfiguration
  • FIXED: Invalid display for SSID with special characters. (could lead to html page error)



  • FIXED: WIZARD: It was possible to display the trigger mode step page with Ethernet or WiFi selected on the Flexy
  • CHANGED: eWON now checks its internet connectivity and public IP address on Talk2M instead of NoIp
  • ADDED: WiFi: It is now possible to force the WIFI security manually (using Com config WifiSec parameter - default to automatic).
  • FIXED: WIZARD: On Internet Explorer 9+ the LAN/WAN Configuration wasn"t working properly
  • FIXED: If we modified the current language in the COSY maintenance page it wasn"t applied after reboot.
  • FIXED: WIFI: Memory corruption when too many access points were present.
  • FIXED: WIZARD: In the Cosy Internet Wizard the modem user and password were not taken into account properly
  • FIXED: eWON was unable to connect to some access points (due to invalid security autdetection).
  • FIXED: Before 8.1 eWON was working correctly with ASCII WEP keys, after 8.1 only HEX keys were working. eWON is now handling correctly HEX and ASCII WEP keys.
  • FIXED: Cosy: At language selection step on an empty Cosy the list of available languages could be duplicated several times if the user cancelled the login.



  • FIXED: Flexy: with WIFI, the gateway and DNS appeared in the LAN configuration page.
  • FIXED: Flexy: In eWON with WIFI and Ethernet WAN interface, the DNS and Gateway config could be cleared at reboot if Ethernet WAN is selected but DHCP is configured on the Wifi interface (although the Wifi WAN is not selected).
  • FIXED: Flexy: when connecting the ethernet link directly to a device with ethernet sleep feature, the link could remain disabled until reboot. Typical when using direct cabled between eWON and recent laptop.
  • FIXED: Flexy: S7200 topic configuration impossible on Flexy Base Unit without MPI or serial port interface.
  • FIXED: Flexy: format command fails if /usr directory not empty.
  • FIXED: Flexy: in some cases where the GSM is not responding, eWON will fail to reset and initialise the modem.
  • FIXED: Flexy: Wifi connection does not work on hidden SSID.
  • FIXED: Flexy: Network wizard problem when Wifi card present and a lot of Wifi networks are available.
  • FIXED: COSY 141: Status of neighbour MPI/Profibus stations not correctly displayed.



  • FIXED: Upgrade with EDF when WIFI card is used was not possible.
  • FIXED: Internet connection wizard does not modify any more the "MaxCallDur" and "ClIdle" parameters when executed with Ethernet WAN connection mode. The given parameters are untouched.



  • FIXED: Since rev 8.0 memory usage could leak if tag name case was different between tag definition and Basic tag usage.
  • FIXED: Under high CPU load, the WIFI driver could crash and make the eWON reboot.
  • FIXED: CAL was not working through M2WEB because of HTTPS proxying on M2WEB.
  • FIXED: Cloud Accelerated Loading could get in trouble if 2 users accessed the eWON at the same time.
  • CHANGED: Talk2M SMS Activation is now refused by the eWON if "Remote VPN WAN address or name" is set to "Talk2M Defined" to avoid erroneous eWON reconfiguration.
  • FIXED: Wifi password was limited to 43 characters
  • CHANGED: Modbus TCP client maximum number of simultaneous connections was increased to 32 (from 20)
  • FIXED: Flexy could be upgraded with edf file in situation where a recovery was required
  • FIXED: Tag helper was not accepting slot 4 for eWON IO"s
  • FIXED: Triggering hangup, if no outgoing action was pending since a configurable time, was not working any more since version 7.
  • FIXED: In french web GUI, the Upload on alarm was missing in the data management configuration



  • ADDED: port number in serial debug traces.
  • ADDED: On Flexy, SMS reception and GSM reception update are now executed even if the PPP connection is active (modem is connected).
  • ADDED: Tag Edition Helper added to IOServer configuration pages
  • ADDED: Flexy PSTN extension card supported
  • ADDED: Flexy WIFI extension card supported
  • CHANGED: IOSERVERS: are not allowed to poll on the Ip address of the eWON itself
  • CHANGED: On Flexy, when a Modem extension board is added or removed, the modem Init String is updated, ModExpType and ModFrcType are updated (according to new modem or no modem).
  • CHANGED: ADSL Interface and Connection configuration pages have been merged.
  • CHANGED: Incoming connection enable is not any more required to receive SMS with a GSM modem.
  • CHANGED: Incoming connection enable is not any more required to receive SMS with a GSM modem.ADDED: "Cloud Accelerated Loading" feature
  • CHANGED: Callback config not shown for modem without server capability
  • CHANGED: Incoming connection enable is not any more required to receivADDED: When writing via SetSys Prg,"WANIP",X in Basic, where X is an integer. If X is 0, the WAN connection will be closed. If X is different from 0, then the WAN connection will be triggered.
  • FIXED:MPI: When MPI baudrate was set to 0 unexpected errors/warnings were generated
  • FIXED: S73 & 400 IOSERVER: improve Tag Address syntax validation
  • FIXED: COSY: correct protocol type is now displayed after saving for ISTOCP to MPI/PPI gateway
  • FIXED: Tree icons (+/-) were not consistent with tree status
  • FIXED: When more than 20 SMS are received by eWON without beeing processed, the eWON could reboot due to corrupted memory.



  • FIXED: Flexy: IsoTCP to Serial gateway was not working on flexy with serial (not MPI) interface.
  • FIXED: Flexy: When Basic cyclic section was running the PPP negociation could fail.
  • FIXED-CHANGED: Maximum number of tag fixed for Flexy: 2500, Others (CD,...); 1000. With more than 1000 tags on Flexy, intial boot produced "Queue full" errors and retentive values were not all restored.
  • FIXED: Small memory leak when using the VPN and Talk2M
  • CHANGED: eFive wizard affects now the WAN configuration by: Installing WAN filter (discard all traffic excepted VPN and initiated), block outgoing WAN traffic (except VPN), disable NAT.
  • FIXED: Flexy: The VPN server address could not be resolved on a Modem connection. This did not impact Talk2M connections. REM: COM config parameter VPNPreDNS must be set to 1 on the Flexy (default value)
  • FIXED: Flexy: On Slow VPN Connection (GSM for example), the browser could receive pages with truncated end.
  • FIXED: Flexy: In case the 3G modem fails to respond during eWON power on, it will be hard reset.
  • FIXED: Flexy: Events from the VPN connection could be logged with a long delay.



  • FIXED: Flexy: Detection of required minimum firmware revision for extension card was not working.



  • FIXED: in SMS sent by eWON with a @ character, all special characters after the @ are not converted to the GSM charset.
  • FIXED: VPN was closed when changing anything in the configuration when connected to Talk2M
  • FIXED: eWON will now correctly receive DHCP requests from the DHCP server on the WAN interface when WAN security is enabled (only improving RENEW request dialog, establishment was already working correctly)
  • FIXED: Flexy: the eWON Energy IO Server "MaxInterval" parameter was not correctly configured to its default value
  • FIXED: Max outgoing call duration setting was not taken into account when modem config AND using wizard
  • FIXED: In Planner configuration, HTML characters were escaped in the messages (subject, message,...)
  • CHANGED: Flexy: when initial language configuration selection is set to the default language (via web interface), the eWON does not ask to reboot the device.



  • FIXED: When the "default com configuration" was selected via web interface, the config data was updated, but the new parameters were not applied.
  • FIXED: JAVA: since Rev 6.0, when creating a SysControlBlock for a TAG record will either load an invalid value in "TagValue", or crash the eWON with invalid memory access.
  • FIXED: SNMP was losing precision when using Coef/offset for reading or when writing big values via SNMP
  • ADDED: better reporting when an invalid tag address is loaded. The message with tag name and address is reported in the event file.
  • CHANGED: FLEXY: The maxium number of tag per IO server has been increased (from 500) to 1500
  • FIXED: Since rev 7.0s1, Home page did not always display the session information.
  • FIXED: Writing to CIx (eWON IO Server) may corrupt eWON"s memory.
  • FIXED: Planner web page only displayed first 2 "Last Run". The estat file was correctly updated though.
  • FIXED: eWON FTP server did not use correct port (20) for PORT command.
  • FIXED: "Enter Slow Poll mode" not always reported since version 7.0
  • ADDED: eWON IO server tag naming extension for extension board validation.
  • CHANGED: FLEXY ONLY: Config mem increased to 512K, Script increased to 256K.



  • FIXED: Default Modem init string was not correctly managed in version 7.0. Clearing the init string did not put it to default either.



  • ADDED: MITSUFX IOSERVER: Serial baudrate for FX3U PLCs is now configurable up to 115200 bps.
  • ADDED: WIZARD: eFive: Add a UDP/TCP combo and a Port entry field.
  • ADDED: MELSEC ioserver: Add ability to poll FX3U and Serie A PLCs.
  • ADDED: ALARM: It is now possible to define user templates for SMS and EMAIL tag alarm notification.
  • ADDED: eWON COSY: Add Talk2M Connectivity test to COSY devices.
  • ADDED: WANMGT: Add failover from WAN ethernet to 3G upon reception of a "talk2MConnect" SMS.
  • ADDED: JAVA: add HTTP client.
  • ADDED: DF1 IOSERVER: reading registers for data type L (micrologix) is now implemented.
  • ADDED: CONFIG: It is now possible to delete a user by using the same technique used for tag (ie: using the DoDelete field set to 1 when importing or via Basic/Java).
  • ADDED: WIZARD: Option added in T2M wizard to skip the UDP connection test.
  • CHANGED: SERIAL: For serial ports which can be configured in half and full duplex mode, the ports are set to full duplex at boot time.
  • CHANGED: IOSERVERS: Tags are disabled and reenabled only when Address, topicName,ServerName,ForceRO, Coef,Offset,Type or Autotype configuration parameters are changed.
  • FIXED: WIZARD: eWON could crash if Talk2M wizard was used with proxy but without authentication.
  • FIXED: FINS IOSERVER: ParametersFinsEthClNode and FinsEthClNet are now displayed on the FINS ioserver web page even on a eWON with MPI.
  • FIXED: REMOTE WIZARD: Remote wizard was not allowing shift from Free+ to eFive.
  • FIXED: REMOTE WIZARD: Using the Remote Wizard to connect to an Endian/eFive server is now functional with other configured VPNPortOut values (not only 1194).
  • FIXED: HISTORICAL LOG: Wrong record was added when topic was enabled/disabled.
  • FIXED: HISTORICAL LOG: Unwanted record was added when the TimeInterval was changed.
  • FIXED: WEB PAGE: Charset not force any more of /usr defined web pages.
  • FIXED: SERIAL: eserial-IO driver read was produced randomly when the ioserver configuration was changed due to close and reopen serial port.
  • FIXED: ABLOGIX IOSERVER: IOsend/IORcv was not working on ethernet.
  • FIXED: ABLOGIX IOSERVER: Destination DF1 address configuration parameter was not working.
  • FIXED: ABLOGIX IOSERVER: Ioserver was producing error "CIP reply with unsupported tag type" during ftp operation.
  • FIXED: VPN: user/pwd mode: Changing account was requiring a reboot.
  • FIXED: MITSUFX IOSERVER: Critical error was occuring when user reboot was initiated and MITSUFX ioserver was enabled.
  • FIXED: SNMP IOSERVER: Disabled tags in errors mechanism is working now.
  • FIXED: SNMP IOSERVER: Topics disabled are not reading anymore,and different topic requests are not merged anymore.
  • FIXED: DF1 IOSERVER: Using eWON Tag Type DWORD with SLC500 N (integer) register was producing wrong reading if value is above 32767.
  • FIXED: MODBUS IOSERVER: Modbus Status Tag was not reflecting status of RTU device when a tcp/rtu gateway is used.
  • FIXED: S73&400 IOSERVER: First commmunication using MPI does not produce anymore the "MPI-Write failed" error.
  • FIXED: WIZARD: The Test Talk2M Cnx button must not appear before wizard was executed once.



  • ADDED: eWON500V2 and eWON4001V2 now provide Java support.
  • CHANGED: All references to Endian have been replaced by eFive.
  • FIXED: Endian/eFive Wizard result were not updated and seemed to run forever though wizard was finished.
  • FIXED: : : When VPN was enabled and WAN was not accessible (invalid gateway) the eWON was locked until full reset was executed.
  • FIXED: In some cases, the eWON could reboot due to a watchdog when the VPN connection was openned.



  • FIXED: corrupted memory when VCOM was reconfigured. Caused eWON to reboot.
  • CHANGED: When an error occurs in Talk2M mode during VPN establishment the vpn process exists (avoid crazy loop for DNS resolution)
  • CHANGED: Talk2M address acquisition mechanism now uses ip and name (according to what server sends)
  • CHANGED: : Endian wizard logo changed to eFive logo.
  • CHANGED: VIPA logo updated.



  • FIXED: Sending SMS via GSM resulted in memory corruption since version 6.4s0
  • FIXED: MELSEC IOServer: It is now possible to poll on devices where Network ID <> PC ID
  • FIXED: When a /usr file was exported using an export block descriptor, and the file ends with a < or a
  • CHANGED: InfoZ protocol update according to server change
  • ADDED: The SNMP IOServer can now read STRING type OID and will convert their content to float.
  • ADDED: Auto-proxy feature to add and remove proxy entries to the eWON config automatically from Talk2M for the M2WEB feature. The automatic entries are marked with T2M source and they use empty slots in the proxy config.



  • FIXED : UNITE IOSERVER: Unitelway polling was not restarted automatically anymore after reboot. Regression since release 6.4s0
  • FIXED : S2700 IOSERVER: PPI polling was not restarted automatically anymore after reboot. Regression since release 6.4s0
  • FIXED : DF1 IOSERVER: DF1 polling was not restarted automatically anymore after reboot. Regression since release 6.4s0
  • FIXED: S73&400 IOSERVER: Default Rx/Tx Timeout parameter is now also applied on ISOTCP requests
  • FIXED: EMail password was not sent in UTF8 format. This may affect users who authenticate against their mail server and use non ASCII chars in their password.
  • CHANGED: eWON IO server priority has been increased to improve eWON counter latching interval precision.
  • CHANGED: If VPN is configured for Talk2M and connection has failed for 2 days (since end of last connection success), and connection has failed at least 10 times, and wizard has been executed in automatic selection mode (UDP or TCP), and no proxy is configured, then the connection test wizard is executed in unattended mode to try and recover communication.
  • FIXED: When export block descriptors in TEXT mode were attached or included into emails, the last line was omitted.
  • CHANGED: VPN cannot be disabled any more even if configuration is invalid.
  • FIXED: When the "Talk2M connectivity validation" wizard was executed, the WAN configuration parameters were reset to the Talk2M wizard values. They don"t need to be reset if they have been tunes after Talk2M wizard execution.
  • ADDED: JavaVersion item was added to the estat ($dtES) file. JavaVersion reflects the JavaEtk version in the eWON.
  • From the Java program, the same information can be read by using the System.getProperty("ewonitf.version") command.
  • FIXED: Tabular config edition does not work for not ASCII characters (intl. languages). The System wizard in eWON Cosy is also impacted (eWON name for example).
  • CHANGED: The FTP and SMTP passwords are now encrypted in the configuration file and hidden during web edition.



  • CHANGED/FIXED: Prevent VPN from being disabled even in case of multiple configuration error.



  • ADDED: It is now possible to edit the configuration in a tabular form via the storage configuration in the system menu.
  • ADDED: The Talk2M wizard has a new option for checking connectivity without updating the Talk2M keys.
  • FIXED: MITSUFX IOserver: tag type INT can now be used without errors. The Problem was present in the eWON firmware since release 6.0
  • ADDED: Framework for remote wizard via eBuddy (this is internal feature that needs an eBuddy update to be used)
  • FIXED: Watchdog : When the IOServer-Global TCP RX/TX Timeout was set to a value less than 1000 Msec, the eWON crashes due too EIP software watchdog
  • FIXED: MITSUFX IOserver: Float Data registers are now read and written correctly
  • FIXED: eWON Cosy: the EIP gateway comment was not correct in web page.
  • FIXED: When save config.txt in an eWON 4x02, the VCOM config for ports 2 and 3 was not exported.
  • ADDED: Reboot button was added to the eWON Cosy maintenance page.
  • CHANGED: Internet connection wizard will not erase configuration by default. A warning message says that Talk2M config will be erased also if to erase option is chosen.
  • FIXED: SMTP: The Second email was not sent out after a fist email was sent out immediately followed by an SMS sent out, and a second email to send out.
  • FIXED: Tag Values scale & offset use: Regression since 6.0, boolean type tags were read without taken into account coef and offset. This was not the case in previous release



  • FIXED: Browser cache not operational due to date format change. Performance impact.
  • FIXED: NTP: when enabled NTP will not wait next reboot anymore to start time synchronisation
  • ADDED: BASIC: add proxy feature to PUTHTTP and GETHTTP commands
  • FIXED: UNITE IOserver: The eWON UNITE IOServer did not allow polling of the last 7 bits of the Internal Data bits section
  • ADDED: IOservers: add a new trace message to inform if IOserver configuration when
  • at least one its topic is enabled.
  • FIXED: DF1 IOserver: IOSEND/IORCV BASIC commands didn"t work on ethernet link
  • FIXED: MELSEC IOserver: cosmetic mistype error in request refused by server error message
  • FIXED: MELSEC IOserver: IOSEND and IORCV BASIC commands didn"t correclty work when used with the MELSEC IO server.
  • FIXED: Out of memory reboot error could occur in some special case when using the JAVA WebProducer.escapePath function.
  • FIXED: MELSEC ioserver: eWON was rebooting (watchdog) when destination address device was unavailable or not existing
  • FIXED: When exporting $dtHL in Binary mode ($ftB)with an end date specified ($et) AND the end time is inside to data present in the eWON file system, then the file exported is truncated at the end by an amount of max 96KBytes for eWON firmware >=6.0s2 and max 8KBytes for eWON firmware
  • FIXED: MELSEC IOserver: MELSEC IOServer was not reading correctly the end of bits zone
  • FIXED: Proxy was not working on FTP protocol, passive mode, entering on the WAN interface when WAN is an embedded ADSL modem.
  • ADDED: WEB page: cosmetic: message "Reboot required if change" on the ModemSetupPage has been added to warn the user that the WirelessNet param needs a complete modem reset to be effective
  • FIXED: SMS: sending SMS with accentuated characters are not generating errors anymore



  • FIXED: S73&400 IOSERVER: eWON was rebooting due to illegal memory access, regression since release 6.3s0
  • FIXED: S73&400 IOSERVER: Modification of the Destination node (gateway configuration) was not working correctly anymore, regression since release 6.3s0



  • ADDED: S73&400 ioserver: new feature: MPI polling and gateway for PLCs located on a remote MPI subnet.
  • ADDED: MELSEC ioserver: allows tag polling on ethernet interface of the MISUBISHI Q series
  • ADDED: GsmWLessNet value returned in INF (estat) block to report actual wireless network detected (if known)
  • CHANGED: SNMP thread watchdog delay has been increased to 40sec to avoid spurious reset.
  • CHANGED: "Too much global memory allocated" critical error condition has been removed as the eWON always reboots when it has an memory alocation problem.
  • FIXED: When ADSL is available, the WAN connection is set ADSL in the default config and "maintain connection" has been disabled by default.
  • FIXED: With UMTS modem, an operator could appear 2 times in the list. Duplicates are now filtered.
  • FIXED: JAVA: The socket error code return was 1 in case of error while it should be the low level IP stack error code.
  • FIXED: with some SIM cards in an eWON with a UMTS modem (xx01CD), the modem reported a SIM ERROR though the card was valid and working.
  • FIXED: SMS cannot be received on HSUPA rev 2.4
  • FIXED: When the error "The SMS in the SIM card could not be read because too many present" was reported, a memory corruption could occure.
  • FIXED: When serial debug was activated and packets of more than 242 bytes were sent or received at once it could lead to memory corruption (illegal memory address or dynamic memory critical error reboot)
  • FIXED: on eWON with 3G or HSUPA modems, the Hardware watchdog was sometime triggered. The eWON was rebooting with an Hardware watchdog error message.
  • FIXED: On eWON with an ISDN modem, the init AT string must contain the &D2 command. This is NOT applied eWONs previous to the CD familly as these modem do not support the hard DTR hangup mode.
  • FIXED: S73&400 ioserver: MPI 12Mb bus desynchronisation problem solved
  • FIXED: viewIO Graph: non float values were not displayed correctly anymore. Regression since 6.2s0
  • FIXED: PLANNER: does not anymore generate SMS with text "action:" followed with uninitialised text. Was causing illegal memory access.



  • A new routing feature called "Plug"n Route" (NAT on LAN) allows to connect to the Ethernet device behind the eWON without setting the eWON as gateway in the device. More information about "Plug"n Route" #Plug"n_Route
  • The Talk2M wizard will now set automatically the security options of the eWON to allow only VPN connections on the WAN side (WAN side = GPRS connection or Ethernet WAN Interface).
  • VPN Protection: It is now possible to filter, who can access what on the VPN, based on the VPN source address (can be used to grant access to specific resources on the eWON and LAN based on eCatcher"s user IP address).
  • PIN codes longer than 4 digits are now accepted by eWON
  • FIXED: The Internet connection wizard did not set correctly the connection trigger type when using modem for internet connection. The modem internet connection was set to permanent (since 6.2s0 only).
  • FIXED: during Talk2M wizard, the WAN options changes were not applied if WAN connection was active during Wizard execution.
  • FIXED: the tag type was not correctly stored in ircall.bin file
  • CHANGED: If the eWON has an ethernet WAN connection, then the WAN permanent connection is enabled in the default configuration. The WAN Ethernet connector led will be blinking by default after a full reset (though the connection does not default to DHCP to avoid error burst in case no cable or DHCP is present).
  • CHANGED: When the Talk2M wizard is executed, the following configuration parameters are set: WAN interface protection allows only VPN and return traffic, No forwarding from VPN or LAN is allowed to WAN interface, and NAT interface configured to NAT on LAN (Plug"n Route)
  • ADDED: The NAT module also works on PING messages passing through the NATed interface.These return messages will pass even if the "Block ICMP" option is selected.
  • ADDED: NAT can now be installed on LAN interface in order to route traffic to devices on eWON LAN without setting the eWON as gateway in the device (this is only applicable when VPN is used).
  • ADDED: It is now possible to filter who can access what on the VPN based on the VPN source address (can be used to grant access to specific resources on the eWON and LAN based on eCatcher"s user IP address).
  • FIXED: TALK2M: With eWON-GPRS, when the eWON was OnLine on Talk2M, and we sent it offline from eCatcher, the eWON was well disconnected BUT the VPN was restarted too quickly and was staying running indefinitely.
  • ADDED: WIZARD: when the Talk2M wizard is used with the Talk2M free+ server, and the eWON serial number is already defined in Talk2M (other eWON name and/or account), following warning is displayed:"The eWON serial number was already defined in Talk2M. Previous instance was disabled"
  • ADDED: S73&400 IOSERVER: mpi advanced bus parameters are now made configurable
  • ADDED: MODEM: allow more than 4 digits for the PIN code
  • FIXED: eWON configuration by SMS for Talk2M was not working on the Free+/Pro server.
  • FIXED: TALK2M: If the "Remote VPN WAN address or name" paramter on the eWON was set to "talk2M defined" then eWON was restablishing the Internet connection +- 3 minutes after receiving the Talk2M connection request (Talk2M wake-up SMS).
  • ADDED: redmine 1515: mode Hangup using DTR will be used for all eWONs with ISDN except PCode 74,68 and 86
  • FIXED: viewIO Graph: float values were not displayed correctly anymore: values rounded. Regression since 6.0s0
  • FIXED: OPENVPN: default renogiation time set to 86400 sec
  • FIXED: OPENVPN: during key renegotiation, the vpn process is set to low priority
  • CHANGED: The No-Ip request to obtain our own IP address is now sent on the 80 port instead of 8245 for better compliance with firewall rules
  • ADDED: BASIC: ERASE command is now also used to format the /usr and the /sys partition
  • FIXED: DF1 ioserver: when an unregister session message is received on eip the associated socket has to be closed. This was causing a reboot of ewon due to critical error.
  • FIXED: MODEM: Modem Init String was truncated when quotes are used inside the string
  • ADDED: MODEM: Mode Hangup using DTR will be used for all eWONs with ISDN except PCode 74,68 and 86
  • FIXED: RWIZARD: remote wizard was not working on modem connection



  • CHANGED: If the internet connection wizard test fails only because of the online IP check, the config is nevertheless applied.
  • CHANGED: The talk2m wizard only asks for an account name in case the new Talk2M service is selected and the activation is using eWON name, username, password
  • ADDED: The eWON sends its LAN IP address and mask during Talk2M wizard to help eCatcher to apply correct routes



  • FIXED: The internet connection wizard was broken when used on the WAN interface
  • FIXED: The new VPN WAN proxy configuration page had an blank combo box in DE and FR languages



  • CHANGED: The Talk2M wizard has changed to default to Talk2M Pro, Go, Free+. It can though fallback to the old Talk2M Free configuration.
  • FIXED: UNITE ioserver: Boolean tags were not read correctly anymore (release 6.0 regression problem)
  • CHANGED: It is now possible to update the VPN proxy configuration manually via the VPN/Global configuration page.
  • FIXED: S7200 ioserver: Download of a PLC program was not working on a PPI slave PLC when a PLC master was also communicating on the same network with the slave PLC. Retry mechanism added at protocol level.
  • CHANGED: Talk2M VPN server address acquisition now defaults to automatic to comply with Talk2M scalability requirement.
  • CHANGED: Label added under the Wizard button for clarity.
  • FIXED: Talk2M wizard: Increase of the VPN establishment timeout to avoid valid situation timeout failures.
  • FIXED: MODBUS ioserver: UnitID 0 is now allowed for polling purpose
  • CHANGED: Proxy configuration during Talk2M wizard is now "protected" by a checkbox for clarity
  • CHANGED: When the Talk2M wizard is executed, it will only test an UDP or direct HTTP connection IF the HTTP proxy address is empty.For Basic or Java driven wizard, the UDP or HTTP direct connection will be tested regardless of the HTTP proxy address IF the connection type is forced (to UDP or TCP).
  • CHANGED: The PCode 41 has now the VPN feature enabled (changed from 2001CD MPI to 2101CD MPI)
  • FIXED: eWON was not correctly reading the VPN server address before connecting to Talk2M pro server. It was thus using the address received during wizard execution.
  • FIXED: modem: WAVECOM modems were not detectable anymore when they are configured in monoband
  • FIXED: WANMGT: after a ppp connection close, ppp was opening again only after 2 permanent wanmgt restart trials. (regression occured in 6.0s0)
  • CHANGED: During the "Configure INTERNET Connection" wizard, if the WAN connection is set to "Ethernet", then the wizard skips the "Trigger online connection" configuration and "Maintain connection" is automatically configured.
  • FIXED: BACKUP: EWON does not reboot anymore with the event "Relock more resource" at second ebuddy backup.tar restore trial
  • FIXED: MEM IO server: RET booleans tags get wrong values when upgrading to 6.0 (regression since 6.0s0).
  • FIXED: java: The function "EventManager.logEvent(msg, value)" was only accepting values from 0 to 100 corresponding to ErrorEvents. "Java" event code support has now been aligned with the "basic" one: [0,99]: range for error message, [-1, -99]: range for warning messages, [100,199] for trace messages.



  • ADDED: Internal behavior to change Q2687RD and make it respond as a Q2687
  • FIXED: transfer of inst_val.txt to the eWON was crashing the device (illegal memory access)
  • CHANGED: the button hold time has been reduced from 15 seconds to 4 seconds to simplify the full reset procedure
  • FIXED: The HSDPA modem init string was changed to comply with modem firmware upgrade.
  • FIXED: Data management password was not displayed in the configuration web page and was lost when the config was updated.



  • FIXED: The hidden "downgrade only" right was not working.
  • FIXED: Read Mbs TCP header error could be reported if timeout was
  • FIXED: BASIC: since release 6.0 ON CHANGE action was executed twice when the TagValue was changed.
  • FIXED: ABLOGIX, DF1 ioserver: gateway and ioserver functionality are disabled when the EIP port is configured with a 0 value (need reboot to be applied). An additional error message "EIP port is disabled" has also been defined and is displayed in the event file when eip polling is active for one of these io servers but the eip port is configured to 0. By default eip port is still 44818.
  • FIXED: VPN: reduce VPN establishment CPU power consumption to let other processes run.
  • FIXED: WEB VIEWIO page: When the initial portion of the value entered is not an integer nor a float, the tag value is not updated and the error message "invalid value" is displayed.
  • FIXED: IOSERVER: scaled values (coef and offset are taken into account) are now displayed even when historical logging is enabled. Regression error since release 6.0s0
  • FIXED: Historical table: size increased to allow up to 500 tags with a name length up to 50 characters to be showed
  • FIXED: EWON ioserver: does now work with oem release.



  • ADDED: eWON can now be configured to request authentication to change IP address using eBuddy (you need eBuddy>1.8 to use this)
  • ADDED: WEB SERVER: support of Access-Control-Allow-Origin header echoing back the same origin that was sent or *
  • FIXED: WANMGT: If the "Connect WAN required to reach" is triggered just after the close of the PPP connection, then eWON try now to establish the connection again.
  • FIXED: ABLOGIX IOSERVER :selection of bit 31 of DINT tag types is now working
  • FIXED: SMS: not well formatted SMS are now erased from the SIM card
  • FIXED: SMS: TAP PROTOCOL: eWON wait to receive a>CR> to ensure compatibility with old TAP servers (prior to version 1.6)
  • FIXED: EXPORT: Supported size of the entries of the Historical table has been increased to 8Kbytes to avoid export failures due too buffer too small
  • FIXED: ABLOGIX ioserver: it is now possible to read a register of type real
  • FIXED: eWON ioserver: AI tags are now working on the eWON 4002
  • FIXED: flash access regression problem which appear on release 6.0S0 is now solved



    • ADDED: eWON now supports Integer and Dword Tag types.
      • Until now, eWON only handled Boolean and Analog (Floating point) tag types. Storing all tag values into 32-bit floats has some major disadvantages like a loss of precision for big integer values or that the 32-bit value cannot be used for binary flags. Now, during Tag creation the user can select between following formats for the Tag display and storage : Boolean, Integer, Dword, Floating point or Automatic. When the "Automatic" Tag type is selected, then the IOserver recommended type for the specified tag will be used. Note: The new Tag types Integer And DWord are currently not supported by the viewON Editor and by the eSync Data Management system. New software releases will be foreseen to allow to handle the new eWON tag types.
    • ADDED: eWON supports now Tag Quality.
      • The quality is a new information field that comes with the tag"s value, giving indications about how reliable and recent the displayed value actually is. It was added because it was not easy to know if a tag was read correctly or not. In case of problem, the value of the tag was set to 0 or left unchanged, which in most cases could be an acceptable value and thus not obviously indicating an error. Now, the quality of the Tag value is displayed on the View I/O page and also stored into the historical data export files. Detailled information can be found here:
    • ADDED: The $dtHL (Historical logging) now supports the $fl exactly the same way $dtHT does. This feature applies to text and binary format.
      (It is now possible to extract the historical logging data for a group of tags. Before this version only exporting one Tag or all the Tags was possible)
    • ADDED: eWON can now be configured to request authentication to change IP address using eBuddy (you need eBuddy>1.8 to use this)
      (Until now, using eBuddy, the user was able to change the eWON IP address without identification. Now, if the option is enabled on the eWON, the user must have "Change Configuration" rights to allow the IP address modification of the eWON using eBuddy. )
    • ADDED: In Comcfg.txt, a new parameter called "KillLAN" has been added for the very special case where you need to close the eWON LAN interface forever. In case this parameter is set to 1, you will need a Level 2 reset the return it normal (or through WAN interface if available).
    • ADDED: WEB SERVER: support of Access-Control-Allow-Origin header echoing back the same origin that was sent or *
      (This allows to display eWON info on a Web Page which uses a redirection to the eWON)
    • ADDED: A "hidden" user right with value 2048 has been added to the existing set. This right only allows user to downgrade (with dewonfwr.edf), but not to download an ewonfwr.edf file.


Data Management improvements:

    • CHANGED: The data management menu is now enabled in every eWON having the historical logging feature.
    • ADDED: When on alarm is defined in Data Management, the eWON will trigger a DM transfer if one of the tag belonging to one of the group defined in DM config enters the alarm state.
    • ADDED: Filter feature for data management is working now. It is possible now to filter on Tag Groups A, B, C or D.
    • FIXED: DMSync could not transfer data to VPN with a GPRS modem because VPN was not established before the transfer started.


ADSL Modem improvements:

    • ADDED: Basic command SETSYS PRG,"ADSLRST",1 has been added to force a reset of the ADSL modem.
    • ADDED: in INF export block, the "ADSLLocRemSNRTxt" and "ADSLUpDnSpeedTxt" have been added to provide the Signal noise ratio and the upload/download speed for ADSL
    • CHANGED: ADSL status is now monitored even if there is no user or password configured.
    • FIXED: no need to reboot eWON any more to take ADSL configuration into account.



  • FIXED: When HSDPA modem needed to be hard reboot, the hardware reboot function was inefficient.
  • FIXED: In the SNMP IOServer, if the same OID existed with different IP addresses, the IOServer was not working correctly.
  • FIXED: MDEX VPN configuration was not saved correctly to comcfg.txt
  • FIXED: S7200 IOSERVER: TagStatus with the destination at the TagLevel is now supported
    Ex: "status,PPI,4" or "status,PPI,5" is now accepted
  • FIXED: UMTS modem could be lost in case an invalid comcfg.txt was downloaded in the eWON (requiring tricky VCOM operations to recover modem)
    This will avoid the UMTS modem detection problem as described on Q&A:
  • FIXED: FTP: restore of config files containing variables with values length higher than 2048 bytes is now supported The restore of a Backup on the eWON could fail, if the backup contained long VPN keys.
  • FIXED: FTP server: LIST command is now working when using GPRS The FTP directory list delivered by the eWON was cropped when a slow connection was used.
  • FIXED: anonymous connections to FTP server using eWON FTP client were impossible
  • FIXED: WANMGT: If the "Connect WAN required to reach" is triggered just after the close of the PPP connection, then eWON try now to establish the connection again. eWON failed to establish the modem Internet connection if the connection was closed just a few seconds before.
  • FIXED: ABLOGIX IOSERVER :selection of bit 31 of DINT tag types is now working
  • FIXED: SMS: not well formatted SMS are now erased from the SIM card This will allow the eWON to receive new SMS (like Talk2M connection request), even if eWON received a wrong formated SMS before.
  • FIXED: SMS: TAP PROTOCOL: eWON wait to receive a>CR> to ensure compatibility with old TAP servers (prior to version 1.6)
  • FIXED: EXPORT: Supported size of the entries of the Historical table has been increased to 8Kbytes to avoid export failures due too buffer too small
  • CHANGED: IPSTACK: IPCP TIMEOUT has been set to 5 sec This timeout is applied during PPP negotiation. It has been increased from 2 sec to 5 sec. This can solve PPP negotiation problems on slower modem connections.



  • FIXED: S7200 IOserver: PPI MULTIMASTER mode was not working anymore on the eWONs with MPI port
  • FIXED: VCOM: add an extra parameter to configure vcom buffersize in order to improve vcom communication (eg: LOGO)
  • FIXED: WIZARD: cosmetic error: change error message to "Can not apply internet config" when an incompatible WAN LAN IP range is configured
  • FIXED: MPI: eWON was not recovering anymore automatically from the OFFLINE state when the go offline reason doesn"t exist anymore



  • FIXED: It was impossible to register on the network with a xx01CD with Quad band GSM (and SIM is PIN locked) - Since version 5.7s1



  • FIXED: Introduction of HSUPA modem support introduced a bug that prevents registration of the PIN code in the Modem. The GSM modem was unusable.



  • ADDED: New HSUPA modem for eWONx005CD
  • FIXED: Software reboot of xx01CD GSM did not work on Telit modems.
  • FIXED: S7200 IO server: Large programs are now successfully download in case of large programs through ppi serial
  • FIXED: When the MPI chip (in PPI mode) goes into "Offline state" due to an external condition, the eWON tries to restart it automatically.
  • ADDED: LAN, WAN IP compatibility: At wizard level check if a static IP is requested if range maches the LAN range and generate an error message. At interface activation level, refuse compatible ranges and save an error message in the events log
  • FIXED: HISTORICAL TABLE: When a filter is applied and no interval is specified for the historical table, the output time is specified by the records of the tags belonging to the filter
  • FIXED: BASIC: ON CHANGE: When a critical definition field value of a given tag is changed, the ONCHANGE basic actions are not loosed anymore. Furthermore SNMP publication field values are added to these critical field list. Finally, The IOMOD command returns now only TRUE when the tag value has been changed.
  • FIXED: SNMP IOSERVER: cosmetic error on config web page (OID may not be set to 32-bits but is limited to 16)
  • FIXED: ALARM: alam retrig and retry mechanism were not working correctly. Retrig mechanism is now permanent and may be put to zero (no retrig). It does only apply to ALM events
  • FIXED: SNMP IO SERVER: error message is now displayed when a a not supported type was returned by the snmp agent
  • FIXED: EXPORT BLOCK: historical table: an error was displayed when no format option ($ft) was specified
  • FIXED: WIZARD: configure internet connection on WAN wizard does not need reboot anymore
  • FIXED: ALARM: on translated pages, a ASP2HTML sentence was added to content of file, trap and alarm subject.
  • FIXED: VCOM: Error message "gio-Server Name request does not exist" was still displayed without presence of real error
  • UPDATED: WIZARD: Talk2M wizard forces the "Remote VPN WAN address or name" to "defined Manually" when wizard is used for Talk2M free.
  • FIXED: PLANNER: attachement of export block to email is now working
  • FIXED: MODEM: add a check upon OperatorId length
  • FIXED: MODEM: increase error level of modem read error from warning to critical.
  • FIXED: S7200 ioserver: download of large programs on MPI port
  • FIXED: SMS: check added to verify that only REC READ or REC UNREAD messages are present on the card. When it is not the case a cleanup of the sim card is executed.
  • ADDED: TAP protocol compliance improved when closing the communication with the server (No evidence of problem with previous implementation).

Talk2M FREE+

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The key added value of Talk2M is full integration of IT security standards by enabling Internet tunneling between the user and the remote machine without requiring any changes to IT network security settings at either end. This major breakthrough facilitates easy deployment while hiding the complexity of the IT network infrastructure.

On request or permanently (depending on the integrated modem of the eWON unit), the eWON unit establishes a secure VPN connection to the Talk2M web server using a UDP or TCP HTTPS port, thereby passing through the firewall and proxy server. At the other end, the user establishes a secure VPN connection to the Talk2M web server. The Talk2M server acts as a relay to interconnect the two VPN tunnels. The information exchanged during the communication session is encrypted (128-bit SSL), and only authenticated users can connect to the eWON unit.


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