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New & Refurbished Parts

We not only repair the newer parts of industrial automation, but also and especially repair of older parts that are already in most cases, the manufacturer does not support, does not provide spare parts, service, etc. Primarily, we focus on the products of Siemens, but also repair parts from other famous manufacturers. Industrial Automation Repairs, we deal with over 20 years and each year over 20,000 repair facilities. We have rich experience, extensive team of experts available over 500,000 spare parts and test bench own production and from the original manufacturer.

Opravy průmyslové automatizace FOXON s.r.o.


We offer:

  • Repair parts for industrial automation with 12 months warranty
  • Specializing in the repair parts Siemens and Bosch Rexroth Indramat
  • Repair fixed price that you know in advance
  • Correction + preventive replacement of key functional components
  • Corrections in exchange for the cost of repair
  • Repairs to 4-5 weeks
  • Emphasis on proper testing under load
  • Free pick-up parts for repair



  • Opravy a prodej průmyslové automatizace SIEMENS, FOXON s.r.o. PLC control systems
  • Control board, card, CPU
  • LT modules, E / R modules SIMODRIVE 611
  • Frequency converters regardless of the manufacturer
  • Operator Panels
  • Power Supplies
  • Input / output modules
  • Industrial Keyboards and Monitors
  • Industrial Computers
  • Other equipment on request ...



Cost of repairs in advance
Repair prices are fixed and correspond roughly 40% of the original price of the equipment. Send us an inquiry via email and within an hour you will receive an offer for the repair work. If you are satisfied with the price, send us the part for repair or it na3i merchants for you to pick up. Repaired item you will receive back in 3-4 weeks. If it happens that the part is beyond repair, we will send you a free piece back. If you need a repair part quickly, you can choose the correct surcharge in 4-10 days.



Replacing the failing part for functional
You can not afford to have a broken part of 3-4 weeks in the repair and purchase a new one is very expensive? If we have for you the necessary part in stock, we will offer you for theient cost of its replacement for your broken, again with a guarantee of 12 months. Part of the stock, we can deliver it the next day, immediately send us your broken part. Therefore, do not discard the damaged part, but inquire us for replacement. By sharing you save considerable funds and our functional part can have the next day back in the machine.



Specializing in the repair and sale of used parts SIEMENS
Service center specializing in the repair of older parts, industrial automation Siemens, which has in most cases the manufacturer does not support, does not provide spare parts, service, etc. We can repair, test and offer to sell older parts SIMATIC S5/S7, SIMODRIVE, SINUMERIK, TELEPERM, ISKAMATIC, ie. Resources, IO card, CPU, communication cards, monitors, control panels, keyboards, drives, computer programming and other PG. We stock thousands of older parts SIEMENS, where many of them are not supported by the manufacturer, that does not fix or sell. Prices and delivery times you are available upon request. A repaired and delivered SIMATIC parts are guaranteed for 12 months.

Sklad starších dílů SIEMENS, prodej dílů


The repair process

If the parts are to be repaired very dirty, first undergo a thorough special washing process by which to remove any grease and dirt. After drying, the piece comes to technical workers who begin work to determine the extent of damage, you measured each component and then replace them with new ones. In addition to replacement of defective parts to replace preventively even the parts that We consider the reliable operation of the key. All reconditioned parts are thoroughly tested, preferably at full allowable load. For each repair is prepared protocol that you submit on request. If we walk successfully through the test piece is carefully packed and ready for shipment. On our reconditioned parts are guaranteed for 12 months.


Broken parts industrial automation are repaired at UnisGroup in the Netherlands, the company Foxon Ltd. represents only one in the Czech and Slovak Republic. The company Unisgroup one of the best equipped refinish centers of industrial automation in Europe. The annual adjustment over 20,000 parts, has a quality certificate ISO9001: 2000 and all repairs gives a 12 month warranty.

Opravárenské středisko Unisgroup, Holandsko




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