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viewON – Web HMI Editor for Ewon

The viewON is a graphical environment for designing animated HMI web pages for the Ewon Flexy and the Ewon 4000CD. The viewON transforms Ewon modem data into a powerful remote dashboard containing complete synoptics with various objects and animations. The dashboard is accessible via a web page.

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Price (tax excl.):12 663 Kč

Price (tax incl.):15 322,23 Kč


The viewON is a powerful web HMI editor that provides full compatibility with any mobile device (a PC, a tablet or a smartphone). It allows you to create HMI web pages within minutes. It does not require any special web skills.


  • HTML5 and CSS3 compliant: full compatibility with any mobile device
  • Improved remote diagnostics: alarm history and acknowledgement, plus real-time and historical trends
  • Instant access to data and KPIs: a real-time view of remote equipment
  • Easy to create, without any programming: HMI web pages can be created within minutes, with no special web skills required.
  • Secure: ViewON HMI can be viewed from anywhere by using the cloud-based Talk2M remote connectivity solution or eFive (a VPN-based remote access solution)
  • An integrated simulator for testing your animations without uploading them to the Ewon device
  • An enhanced graphical editing environment


viewON - schéma - eWON - FOXON



viewON 4exe4.0.161.25 MBA visualisation editor and client for visualising data from the Ewon Flexy and the Ewon 4xxx series in a web browser. Based on HTML5.

Manufacturer’s documentation

viewON – Getting Started (PDF – EN)pdfv3.01.04 MB

This guide explains how to install the viewON software and how to create your first viewON project.

viewON – Objects, Animations and Actionspdfv3.01.32 MB

This guide explains how to create and customise objects and use animations and actions.

viewON – Graphical Componentspdfv3.11.25 MB

This guide explains in a few steps how to use the graphical components proposed by viewON.

viewON – Symbolspdfv3.0899.62 kB

This guide explains in a few steps how to use and adapt symbols and create your own ones.

viewON 4 – Application User Guidepdfv1.11.56 MB

This document will help you install the viewON software (v4 or higher). It also provides an overview of the viewON interface and its features.

Ewon – Remote Solutionspdfv1.13.57 MBDescription of the four remote solutions offered by Ewon (In English)

Released Versions

viewON 4.0.0 (build 21014)
  • ADDED: Client Side Scripting
  • ADDED: Mobile view available for smaller screens
  • ADDED: User Access Rights
  • CHANGED: CTRL+S saves views; CTRL+SHIFT+S saves synoptics
  • FIXED: The debugger didn't display correctly the graphical components in specific situations
  • FIXED: When closing a project, the project editor panel is empty but the edition & action frames are still displayed and editable
  • FIXED: Prevent putting javascript in symbols
  • FIXED: Displayed UID of copied elements is not the one exported
  • FIXED: viewON could crash due to graphical element (on)focus
  • FIXED: If Ewon Tags had the same name as viewON Tags, javascript couldn't be executed
  • FIXED: When using a boolean viewON Tag, a colorspot.svg does not change color when running on Ewon
  • FIXED: When defined Ewon tag was not used in the project, javascript console reports error
  • FIXED: When coding in Action window, the user needed to change focus on element in order to save
  • FIXED: Ewon firmware doesn't allow to update user rights of "adm" with specific viewON rights
  • FIXED: If user security option on an element/view is disabled, SSI tags are still exported
  • FIXED: Changing viewON name led to viewON tags being erased
  • FIXED: When user add a Number Editor element to his view and set some parameters to it, the editor start to behave eraticly
viewON 3.0.1 (build 15694)
  • FIXED: Historical Trend not working correctly for certain dates
viewON 3.0.0 (build 15295)
    Major improvement: viewON now creates HTML5 web pages. Java applets are no more required to visualize the project. This makes the viewON project display compatible with most web browsers and fully compatible with our M2Web solution.


Technical data

TechnologyBased on HTML 5 and CSS3, no installation required
Ewon Web server1 Mb to 3 Mb storage space for web pages (according to memory setup)
Very small page footprint
Ewon FirmwareFirmware 5.4 or upper
Optimised for Firmware 8.0 or upper
Drawing toolsButton, Check box, Toggle button, Number editor, Slider, Alarm summary, Alarm History, Menu Bar, Trends
Rectangles and squares, ellipses and circles, bézier lines and curves
Library symbols, fully vectorized, SVG format
CompatibilitiesCompatible with all Ewon Flexy and 4xxxCD models
Compatible with Talk2M Free+ and Pro services, eCatcher
Compatible with all modern Internet browsers (JS, HTMLS5, SVG) on recent mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)
Web HMI Editor Software
Operating systemWindows XP (SP3), 7 or 8
LanguagesEnglish, French
Communication with EwonImport of Ewon tag names database
Automatic page compile and export
DebuggerIntegrated debugger to test animations


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