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eSync - Remote Data Connector Software

eSync is a data connector software that lets you concentrate and synchronize eWON historical data and alarms in a central server location. With eSync, system integrators can easily integrate data into third party applications.

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918 €

918 €


Collecting data from your remote assets allows added-value services such as energy efficiency, process optimization, predictive maintenance, regulation compliance, down-time reduction and proactive customer service monitoring and reporting. Thanks to the smooth integration of the eWON MM data gateway and eSync data connector, remote data collection has never been so easy!


  • Data acquisition
  • Easy configuration and scheduling
  • Optimized data transfert protocol
  • Flexible operating mode (Internet, Talk2m or eFive)
  • Database buffering
  • Data file repository



eSynczip1.629.59 MB

Install the eSync software on a dedicated server. eSync will install eSync will install an Apache WebServer and a a MySQL Database on the server. Compatible with Windows Server 2008 or upper. (Windows 7 or upper also compatible but not recommended.)

Manufacturer’s documentation

eWON eSync - Data Transfer Managementpdfv2.11.44 MB

This document explains how to configure the eSync 1.5 Server and your eWONs in order to use the Data Transfer Management feature of the eSync 1.5 Server.

eWON eSync - Database backup and cleanuppdf2014-09119.02 kB

To help you to manage the eSync Mysql database, we provide two utilities: a Database Cleaner utility and a Database Backup utility.

eWON eSync - CSV file exportpdf2014-09105.36 kB

eSync offers the possibility to create CSV files directly when new data is sent by eWONs.

eWON eSync - Receiving data over HTTPSpdf2014-09391.29 kB

This KB will show you how to configure your eSync server to listen for HTTPS requests and how to configure the eWON to send the data out using HTTPS.

eWON eSync - Brochurepdf2019-051.03 MB
eWON – remote solutionspdfv1.13.57 MB


Technical characteristics:

Operating SystemWindows Server 2008 nebo vyšší
Windows 7 nebo vyšší (nedoporučuje se)
DatabaseMy SQL 5.6
Web serverApache 2.4 / PHP 5.5

Communication with eWON



Local or remote web console

Number of eWONs, tags

Number of history samples

Circular buffering, buffer size defined by user


Compatible with all eWON Flexy and 4xxxCD models

Compatible with Talk2M Pro service and M2U

Compatible with eFive


Talk2M PRO

The Pro service of Talk2M provides secure on-demand access for a large number of remote machines and devices, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand. Combined with an eWON industrial router, it facilitates perfect integration with a large variety of PLCs and automated devices.

Additionally, Talk2M Pro enables several users to access many machines at the same time.
A fully detailed connection report itemized by machine is available each month. Now it is possible to provide Web API* features for third-party applications, which makes Talk2M Pro a powerful remote service platform that can grow with your needs.

eCatcher, the PC client client, provides an intuitive user interface for accessing a large number of machines and devices over the Internet. Users can work independently and manage their own accounts (other users and remote machines) without any need for IT experts. For example, user access can be restricted to a specific group of machines, and users can be granted or denied the ability to manage other users. This major breakthrough facilitates easy deployment while circumventing IT complexity. eCatcher is the engineer"s machines address book.


  • The professional Talk2M service
  • Mission critical SaaS hosting
  • Get powerful access control
  • Pay per concurrent connection

Talk2M FREE+

The Free+ service of Talk2M is an Internet connectivity tool designed to address the growing need for broadband and wireless access in the automation world for remote maintenance and access to remote equipment.

The key added value of Talk2M is full integration of IT security standards by enabling Internet tunneling between the user and the remote machine without requiring any changes to IT network security settings at either end. This major breakthrough facilitates easy deployment while hiding the complexity of the IT network infrastructure.

On request or permanently (depending on the integrated modem of the eWON unit), the eWON unit establishes a secure VPN connection to the Talk2M web server using a UDP or TCP HTTPS port, thereby passing through the firewall and proxy server. At the other end, the user establishes a secure VPN connection to the Talk2M web server. The Talk2M server acts as a relay to interconnect the two VPN tunnels. The information exchanged during the communication session is encrypted (128-bit SSL), and only authenticated users can connect to the eWON unit.


  • Get instant connection with machines at broadband speed
  • One click to connect within fully secure VPN tunnel
  • No need for IT experts" assistance
  • Keep track who access the machines with connections report
  • No initial investment, go for SaaS hosting
  • Start using Talk2M now, unlimited in time free service

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