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M2Web – Browser-Based Mobile Access to Remote Devices

The M2Web is a standard Talk2M service that provides secure mobile access to your remote devices via any web browser on any device – a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. You do not need to install any special software on your mobile device.


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The M2Web is a new service that relies on the cloud-based Talk2M service. Using the M2Web, you can monitor and control your remote panels, SCADAs and HMI systems via a standard web browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You do not need to install any special software or applications.

M2Web Features

  • Accessible wherever, whenever and from any device
  • No software or applications required
  • Requires only a web browser
  • Allows you to connect to a wide variety of HMIs as it supports VNC for any HMI panel using VNC technology and RDP for any Windows-based PC or controller
  • Available for Talk2M Free+ and Talk2M Pro accounts



eCatchermsi6.5.580.96 MB

The latest version of the eCatcher software for remotely connecting to your Ewon via the Talk2M service (VPN client).

Talk2M Connection Checker for Windows 10msi3.0.72.06 MBThe Talk2M Connection Checker verifies your network settings and indicates if an Ewon succeeds in connecting to Talk2M VPN servers.
Talk2M Connection Checker for Windows 7msi3.0.62.07 MBThe Talk2M Connection Checker verifies your network settings and indicates if an Ewon succeeds in connecting to Talk2M VPN servers.

Manufacturer’s documentation

Talk2M Pro – Account Configurationpdfv2.12.22 MBHow to configure your Talk2M Pro account
Talk2M Pro – Ewon Configurationpdfv2.11.35 MBHow to configure your Ewon so that it can connect to your Talk2M account
Talk2M Pro – Remote Connection Quick Startpdfv2.0758.96 kBThis short guide explains how to use the Talk2M Pro to connect to your Ewons and access devices behind them.
Talk2M – Getting started on Service Free+pdfv2.01.55 MBHow to establish remote connection to a device through your Ewon using the VPN tunnelling utility Talk2M Free+
Ewon Configuration for Internet Access Using the Wizard pdfv1.11.17 MBHow to use the Ewon wizard to easily configure your Ewon for it to be able to connect to the Internet
M2Web – Browser-Based Mobile Remote Accesspdfv1.31.48 MB

How to configure your Ewon on your Talk2M account to enable M2Web access (via HTTP, VNC or remote desktop)

M2Web – Brochurepdf2019-05398.51 kB
Ewon – Remote Solutionspdfv1.13.57 MBDescription of the four remote solutions offered by Ewon (In English)


STAR Certificate (Ewon/Talk2M)pdf2019-05566.51 kB


Technical data

M2Web provides easy and secure access to your remote site using the following technologies:

  • Web proxy: provides a connection to any web server hosted into your remote control device
  • VNC: Virtual Network Computing. It is a graphical sharing standard system. It allows to remotely control any device supporting the VNC
  • RDP: Remote Desktop Protocol. It is a secure network communication protocol for Windows-based environment


Web (HTML)Compatible with any HTML web-enabled HMI
VNCCompatible with the following HMIs: Rockwell Automation, Exxor, Beijer, Vipa, etc. Check the all list on our Wiki
RDPCompatible with devices running Windows XP Professional, 2000 Terminal Server, Server 2003, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1
Client sidePC, tablet or smartphone with any Web-browser: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.


Product Reference

M2Web is available within your Talk2M Free+ and Pro account.

   Talk2M Free+ Talk2M Pro
 eCatcher: No. of concurrent connections 1 1235
 M2Web: No. of sessions 2 102550100
 Access control No Yes
 Traffic Limited to 1GB The traffic is accountable
 Pricing FREE Pay per concurrent connection

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