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Ewon COSY 131

An industrial router for remote access to a PLC, an HMI or a computer over the Internet and the unique eWON VPN Talk2M cloud service. The eWON COSY is connected to the Internet through WAN port, WiFi, 3G or 4G (LTE). It comes with a user-friendly setup wizard that will help you set the router up and connect it to the Talk2M service.


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How do you connect eWON to Internet?
via WAN port
via WAN port + WIFI (antenna included)
via WAN port + 3G modem (antenna not included)
via WAN port + 4G/LTE modem (antenna not incl.)

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438 €

438 €

Availability: In Stock in Liberec


Cosy Award

The Ewon COSY 131 is a unique industrial LAN/WAN router designed for remote access to PLC control systems, HMI panels and webCams via cable Internet, WiFi and mobile networks. As the unique Talk2M cloud service enables fast communication with the remote Ewon router, you can be performing several activities at the same time – you can be remotely programming a PLC while backing up data from an operator panel and monitoring a production line through a web camera. Peripherals are connected to the router via Ethernet ports or an additional Ethernet switch.

The COSY is suitable for system integrators and OEM manufacturers. Its affordable price allows them to automatically install it in control cabinets and thus have access to all their devices on customer sites, monitoring their operation, modifying programs, performing diagnostics, etc.

The COSY creates a remote connection via the Talk2M service, which enables you to remotely connect to your devices through a secure VPN tunnel from any computer, mobile or tablet connected to the Internet.

Typical Ewon COSY Application

  • Remote access to devices for single-purpose machine builders
  • Remote access to production lines for system integrators
  • Remote access to devices and production lines for maintenance personnel

Main Ewon COSY Features

  • 1× WAN port for connecting the router to the Internet
  • 3× LAN port for connecting local Ethernet devices (you can create more ports by connecting an Ethernet switch)
  • 2× DI digital input and 1x DO digital output for monitoring and controlling external signals
  • 4× router models available depending on how the router connects to the Internet
  • Very easy router setup
  • Easy configuration of connecting to Ethernet devices behind the router (PLUG'N ROUTE functionality)
  • 24 VDC power supply
  • DIN mount

Ewon Cosy 131 Models Compared


How the Ewon COSY Works

In the picture below, you can see typical deployment of the Ewon Cosy 131 on the factory floor. In the green, bottom-left field, you can see an Ewon router connected to several devices via Ethernet and USB (PLC 1, PLC 2, a camera and an HMI panel). This router communicates with local network programs (e.g. an OPC server) via the Factory LAN local network. The Ewon is connected to the Internet through port 443 (HTTPS) or port 1194 (UDP) and then to the Ewon TALK2M cloud service, which facilitates communication between the router and a remote user via a secure VPN network.

Schema Cosy 700px

The router supports all devices with an Ethernet port, even if they are connected to it through a switch. If you want to connect the SIMATIC S7-300/400 PLC to the router and the PLC does not have a communication module inserted or does not support it, you can use the ACCON NetLink PRO Compact Ethernet adapter. This adapter converts MPI / PROFIBUS to Ethernet. Then you can connect the PLC to one of the router's LAN ports.

How to Set up Your Cosy 131 Easily?

The Cosy 131 is configured through its web interface. This interface includes the Quick Launch Wizard, which guides your through the settings and informs you whether a particular setting has been saved or not. The router settings enable you to set the router's date and IP addresses, assign WAN port functionality to one of the router's ports and connect the router to the Internet and the Talk2M service.


In the last step of the Wizard, you can configure the router's digital inputs. The router features 2 digital inputs, which are usually configured in the following way:

  1. The input controls the router's Internet connection (the customer can enable and disable Internet connection any time they want and thus control the OEM manufacturer's access to the device behind the router).

  2. The input is used to monitor the door of a control cabinet (i.e. whether it has been opened).

  3. By connecting a PLC's status output, the customer can be alerted whenever the PLC is in STOP mode.


Multifunctional SD Card

The SD card allows you to easily configure you Ewons. You can use it to perform a firmware upgrade and to create or restore a system backup. Last but not least, you can auto-register into Talk2M thanks to the Global Registration Key (GRK). Inserting the SD card containing the GRK will automatically link the Ewon to your account! You just need to insert the SD card containing the appropriate file in the Ewon. It will automatically process the file. Then remove the SD card from the Ewon, which will start a reboot. It is as simple as that. Please note that you have to upgrade to the firmware v11 or higher to take advantage of this feature. Your settings backup file can be saved to the SD card or a USB stick.




The Ewon COSY's title page provides a summary with all the essential information about the router's operation on a single page. You will find there such information as Internet connection status, IP address information, Connected to Talk2M since, the router as gateway setting, firmware version, etc.

To be able to connect to the Ewon COSY via the Talk2M service, you need the eCatcher application and a Talk2M account.

In the window below, you can see a secure connection between a computer and the Ewon COSY 131, via the Talk2M. Under the router's name, there is a list of all Ethernet devices connected to the router. By clicking on any of the blue links, you will be directed to the website of the respective device. The device can also be accessed through third-party software (e.g. STEP7, TIA Portal, WinCC, etc.).




eCatcher v.6.1.2msi6.5.280.57 MB

NEW version. eCatcher – easy, secure, Internet remote access with Talk2M. For Free+ and Pro services.

eBuddy 12.0exe12.33.19 MB

NEW version. Free Ewon add-on tool to easily – set up Ewon IP address, upload Ewon firmware upgrades, backup/restore data and configurations. Requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7 – 64 bits

Talk2M VPN checkerzip2019-054.48 MB

The Talk2M Connection Checker allows to verify if the needed outgoing ports for the Talk2M connection are opened on your Internet connection.

Talk2M Pro connection checkermsi3.0.62.07 MB

Win7 (or XP) 64bit The Talk2M Connection Checker allows to verify if the needed outgoing ports for the Talk2M connection are opened on your Internet connection. It tests the various communication channels available to connect to the Talk2M servers. No real VPN connection is performed though.

Ewon Gateway station file for STEP7® cfgv3.13.31 kB

Ewon configuration file for import into NetPro network setup in the STEP7®.

Ewon Gateway station file for STEP7® (with WinCC installed)cfgv3.23.74 kB

Ewon configuration file for import into NetPro network setup in the STEP7®, with WinCC installed.

Ewon Gateway station library for TIA V11zip2019-05458.54 kB

Ewon configuration file for import into the TIA portal V11

Ewon Gateway station library for TIA V12zip2019-05658.56 kB

Ewon configuration file for import into the TIA portal V12

Ewon Gateway station library for TIA V13zip2019-05921.99 kB

Ewon configuration file for import into the TIA portal V13

Ewon Gateway station library for TIA V14zip2019-05138.93 kB

Ewon configuration file for import into the TIA portal V14

Manufacturer’s documentation

Ewon COSY 131 – datasheetpdfv3.01.56 MB
Ewon COSY 131 – brochurepdf2019-051.77 MB
Ewon COSY 131 – Installation Guidepdfv2.61.13 MB

This installation guide describes the hardware of the Ewon COSY 131 and explains how to get started with the embedded web site.

Ewon COSY 131 – Quick Start Guidepdf2018532.49 kB

3 steps for remote device connection via Ewon COSY 131

Ewon COSY 131 – user guidepdfv1.12.87 MB
Ewon COSY 131 – reference guidepdfv1.1763.27 kBThis document describes all configuration parameters of the eWON Cosy 131.
Ewon eCatcher4 – Getting startedpdfv2.01.55 MB
Ewon eCatcher 4 – Security Featurespdfv1.00.96 MB
Ewon eCatcher4 – New Featurespdfv1.0965.81 kB
eWON – remote solutionspdfv1.13.57 MB
Ewon COSY 131 – access Allen-Bradley PLCs pdfv1.0806.90 kB

Access Allen-Bradley plcs through an existing Talk2M connection

Ewon COSY 131 – access to Siemens PLCpdfv1.01.20 MB

Access siemens plcs through an existing Talk2M connection

Ewon COSY 131 – access Omron PLCpdfv1.1670.19 kB

Access Omron plcs through an existing Talk2M connection

eWON COSY 131 – access Schneider PLCpdfv1.0729.35 kB

access schneider plcs through an existing Talk2M connection

Ewon COSY 131 – access Mitsubishi PLCpdfv1.13.84 MB

Access Mitsubishi PLC through an existing Talk2M connection

Ewon – geolocationpdfv1.01.00 MB

User guide for router location  

eWON – configured by SD Cardpdfv1.0381.51 kB

Configure your eWON with an SD Card and perform
actions such as a firmware upgrade / downgrade or
even a recovery, restore a backup

Ewon – EUM Card extend eWON user directory memorypdfv1.1548.66 kB

Learn how to extend the embedded filesystem (meaning the /usr directory) of the Ewon with an EUM Card plugged inside.


eVCOMexe1.3.1.341.36 MB

Simulation of virtual com port

Ewon – Declaration of Conformitypdf2019-05239.02 kB

EC Declaration of conformity for Ewon CD family

Ewon Talk2M STAR (White Paper)pdf2019-051.51 MB
Ewon Talk2M ISO 27001 (White Paper)pdf2019-050.96 MB
Certificate ISO 27001 (Ewon/Talk2M)pdf2019-05736.24 kB
Certificate STAR (Ewon/Talk2M)pdf2019-05566.51 kB



Comparing eWON Cosy types



Cosy 141


Cosy 131














Ethernet4x 10/100Mb (LAN) & 1x 10/100Mb (WAN)4x 10/100Mb (LAN) & 1x 10/100Mb (WAN)4x 10/100Mb (Configurable LAN/WAN)4x 10/100Mb (Configurable LAN/WAN)4x 10/100Mb (Configurable LAN/WAN)
Field Interface1x RS232/485/4221x MPI/Profibus (S7)USBUSBUSB
Input/Output1x DI, 1x DO1x DI, 1x DO2x Di, 1x DO2x Di, 1x DO2x Di, 1x DO
Power Supply12-24 V DC +/-20%, SELV12-24 V DC +/-20%, SELV12-24 V DC +/-20%, LPS12-24 V DC +/-20%, LPS12-24 V DC +/-20%, LPS
MarkingCE, cCSAusCE, cCSAusCE, cULus listed, FCCCE, cULus listed, FCCCE, cULus listed, FCC
Warranty18 months18 months24 months24 months24 months







Talk2M PRO

The Pro service of Talk2M provides secure on-demand access for a large number of remote machines and devices, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand. Combined with an eWON industrial router, it facilitates perfect integration with a large variety of PLCs and automated devices.

Additionally, Talk2M Pro enables several users to access many machines at the same time.
A fully detailed connection report itemized by machine is available each month. Now it is possible to provide Web API* features for third-party applications, which makes Talk2M Pro a powerful remote service platform that can grow with your needs.

eCatcher, the PC client client, provides an intuitive user interface for accessing a large number of machines and devices over the Internet. Users can work independently and manage their own accounts (other users and remote machines) without any need for IT experts. For example, user access can be restricted to a specific group of machines, and users can be granted or denied the ability to manage other users. This major breakthrough facilitates easy deployment while circumventing IT complexity. eCatcher is the engineer"s machines address book.


  • The professional Talk2M service
  • Mission critical SaaS hosting
  • Get powerful access control
  • Pay per concurrent connection


Normally, if your environment is running smoothly, no firmware update is required. We recommend upgrading the firmware only if you want to take advantage of new features or fixes. 

New important features or fixes are also announced through our news section . And here are Detailed release notes.

How to upgrade?

Use our eBuddy software to upgrade the firmware of your Flexy.

Via this Companion tool, you will download the latest firmware version available for your Flexy onto your computer and upgrade it then directly via eBuddy. Here's how to proceed:

  1. Launch eBuddy
  2. Download latest Flexy firmware : 

eBuddy Process 1

Be sure to select the right product with the corresponding language:

eBuddy Process 2

  1. Upgrade the firmware of your eWON Flexy  
    You will need to distinguish a minor from a major firmware upgrade

    If you are simply changing the Service version, for example from v8.1 s0 to v8.1 s4 , this is considered as a minor upgrade. For any other upgrade, for example from v8.1 to v8.2 or v8.2 to v9.0, it is considered as a major upgrade.

    For major upgrade

    For minor upgrade

    • Make sure your PC has a compatible IP address with the eWON IP address (LAN or VPN)
    • Select the update firmware wizard inside eBuddy
    • Encode the IP address of your eWON (or use the Browse function)
    • Confirm the firmware update
    • Wait until eWON reboots with new eWON firmware.

In addition to the eBuddy firmware upgrade process, there are alternative methods such as upgrading the firmware using FTP, downgrading firmware, etc. Find more in the firmware section.

Talk2M FREE+

The Free+ service of Talk2M is an Internet connectivity tool designed to address the growing need for broadband and wireless access in the automation world for remote maintenance and access to remote equipment.

The key added value of Talk2M is full integration of IT security standards by enabling Internet tunneling between the user and the remote machine without requiring any changes to IT network security settings at either end. This major breakthrough facilitates easy deployment while hiding the complexity of the IT network infrastructure.

On request or permanently (depending on the integrated modem of the eWON unit), the eWON unit establishes a secure VPN connection to the Talk2M web server using a UDP or TCP HTTPS port, thereby passing through the firewall and proxy server. At the other end, the user establishes a secure VPN connection to the Talk2M web server. The Talk2M server acts as a relay to interconnect the two VPN tunnels. The information exchanged during the communication session is encrypted (128-bit SSL), and only authenticated users can connect to the eWON unit.


  • Get instant connection with machines at broadband speed
  • One click to connect within fully secure VPN tunnel
  • No need for IT experts" assistance
  • Keep track who access the machines with connections report
  • No initial investment, go for SaaS hosting
  • Start using Talk2M now, unlimited in time free service


Standards & Directives

WAN EthernetUp to 3 ports, 10/100 Mb Ethernet
LAN EthernetUp to 4 ports, 10/100Mb Ethernet
Field interfaceUp to 10 USB 2.0 connections, female connector 2.0
SD card readerYES, for Cosy commissioning (firmware upgrade, backup, Talk2M registration)
RouterIP filtering, IP forwarding, NAT, Port forwarding, Proxy, Routing table, DHCP client/server
InternetOutbound connection for Talk2M using HTTPS (port 443 or UDP 1194)
VPN TunnelingOpenVPN either in SSL UDP or HTTPS
TalK2MTalk2M Free+ or TalK2M Pro, natively supported
VPN SecurityCommunications between the remote user and the Ewon are fully encrypted using the SSL/TLS protocol, thereby ensuring data authenticity, integrity & confidentiality. All users and Ewon units are authenticated using x509 SSL certificates and end-to-end traffic is encrypted using strong symmetric & asymmetric algorithms that are part of the SSL/TLS protocol cipher suite.
SynchronizationEmbedded real-time clock, manual setup via http or automatic via NTP
File ManagementFTP server for configuration, firmware update
Web-based configurationEmbedded web interface with setup wizards for configuration and maintenance (no additional software needed). Basic authentication (login/password) and session control for security.
MechanicalsDimensions: 108 x 99 x 42 mm (H x D x W) Weight: 191 gr DIN rail or wall screw fixing system
Power supply12-24 VDC +/-20%, LPS
Extended Temperature RangeOperating: -25°C to +70°C, 10 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing) Storage: -40°C to +70°C, 10 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Hardware1xDO: open drain ( MOSFET) 200mA; isolation 1.5kV, 2xDI: 0 to 24VDC; 1.5 kV isolation
MarkingCE, cULus listed, FCC
Warranty36 months

Features for the EC6133G (cellular 4G EU)


4G: B1, B3, B7, B8, B20

3G: B1, B8

Automatic fallback to 3G w

Antenna ConnectorType SMA - Female
Antennanot included in the delivery

202 gr

Features for the EC6133D (cellular 3G)


GSM/GPRS/EDGE Quad-Band (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) - HSPA+ UMTS Pentaband module

(800/850, 900, AWS 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz)

Antenna Connector

Type SMA - Female

Antennanot included in the delivery
Weight202 gr

Features for the EC 6133C (WiFi)

WAN Connectivity

Ethernet or WiFi 802.11 b/g/n


Channels: 1 to 11(inclusive)

SecurityWPA2, WPA and WEP

Antenna Connector

RP-SMA female connector


Included in the delivery; frequency: 2.4GHz; impedance: 50 Ohms;


199 gr

Video Cosy 131

General video about Ewon Cosy 131

Configure an Ewon for Remote Access

Configure your Ewon for Remote AccessTalk2M Easy Setup for Ethernet
Talk2M Easy Setup for Wi-FiTalk2M Easy Setup for cellular
Další videa:
Talk2M Easy Setup - USB stick processEwon Cosy 131 - Gateway Wizard (old GUI)
Reach an Ewon with ezDHCPEwon Cosy 131 - WAN Fallback
Ewon Cosy 131 - System Wizard (new GUI)Talk2M Automatic Registration using an SD card
Ewon Cosy 131 - Internet Wizard for Ethernet connection (new GUI) Set the IP Address of your Ewon
Ewon Cosy 131 - Internet Wizard for Wi-Fi connection (new GUI) Ewon Cosy 131 - Talk2M Wizard (new GUI)
Ewon Cosy 131 - Internet Wizard for cellular connection with APN Helper (new GUI) Ewon Cosy 131 - DI Configuration Wizard
Ewon Cosy 131 - Internet Wizard for cellular connection (new GUI)

Manage a Talk2M Free+ Account

Introduction to Talk2M Free+ accountCreate a Talk2M Free+ account
Add an Ewon in Talk2MAdd a User to Talk2M
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Custom Fields in Talk2mTalk2M Easy Setup for Wi-Fi
Map ViewTalk2M Easy Setup for cellular
M2Web PlatformTalk2M Easy Setup - USB stick process
Talk2M Automatic Registration using an SD cardM2Web - List view
Talk2M Easy Setup for EthernetM2Web - on Smartphone
M2Web - Map viewM2Web - Logo Program

Remote Connection

Connect Remotely to a PLC using direct IP addressConnect remotely to USB Devices
Connection LogseCatcher vs M2Web
Další video:
Triggered Connection: wake up & put asleep

Security - Talk2M Free+

Security - Talk2M Free+ : Password ManagementSecurity - Talk2M Free+: Two Factor Authentication
Security - Talk2M Free+ : User vs AdminSecurity - Talk2M Free+ : LAN Devices & Firewall

Security - Talk2M Pro

Security - Talk2M Pro: Two Factor AuthenticationSecurity - Talk2M Pro: Access Control
Security - Talk2M Pro: Password Management

M2Web - An easy way to check your machine status from anywhere, at any time

Security - Ewon device

Security - Ewon device: Change the default passwordSecurity - Ewon device: Change LAN IP address with eBuddy
Security - Ewon device: SD card configurationSecurity - Ewon device: WAN protection
Další video:
Security - Ewon device: Change the default password


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