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Fiber Optic Kit

This kit, offered at a reduced price, includes one Head Station 1A, 1 PROFIBUS Fibre Optic Module and one 1 Channel Repeater. It is suitable for creating 1 fibre optic segment on the network, into which you bring the PROFIBUS signal via a standard repeater module.

Part no:

1 440 €

1 440 €

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COMbricks - Discovery Toolzip1.4.5588.56 kB

This program searches for head stations on the TCP/IP network.

COMbricks - Network Condition Toolzip1.4.52.75 MB

This program monitors the health of PROFIBUS networks through multiple ComBricks modules. Available in Czech language.

COMbricks - Module Firmware Update Toolzip1.14555.27 kB

This program enables update of ComBricks module firmware.

COMbricks - Head Station FirmwarezipV1.3031.46 MB

ComBricks - Head Station Firmware

COMbricks – Head Station – Czech LanguagezipV1.302605.42 kB

Language package for the ComBricks head station. More information can be found in the ComBricks User Manual.

COMbricks - Software download SD card zip201937.89 MB

SW for SD card 

Manufacturer’s documentation

COMbricks - User ManualpdfV6.5.210.32 MB

COMbricks manual in English language

COMbricks - Monitoring - Brochurepdf20191.28 MB

COMbricks monitoring brochure

COMbricks - Networking - Brochurepdf20191.55 MB

COMbricks networking brochure

COMbricks - Quickstart PROFINET Remote I/Opdf20192.95 MB

PROFINET remote I/O guide

COMbricks - Quickstart PROFIBUS Remote I/Opdf20192.14 MB

PROFIBUS remote I/O guide

COMbricks PROFIBUS DP/DP Coupler - Quick Start Guidepdf20192.39 MB

PROFIBUS DP/DP coupler guide

DWG drawingzip15.11 MB

DWG graphics of all PROCENTEC products

Video COMbricks

COMbricks PROFINET Gateway Module TutorialCOMbricks PROFIBUS PA Coupler

Combricks FAQ - How to update GSD filesPROFIBUS FAQ - Will adress setting influence the cycle time?

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  • This kit, offered at a reduced price, includes one Head Station 1A, 1...

    Part No: 101-200QAFR
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