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ACCON NetLink PRO Compact

This Ethernet adapter allows you to collect data from and program the SIMATIC S7-200/-300/-400 PLCs and SIEMENS HMI panels. It supports the PPI, MPI and PROFIBUS communication protocols. The ACCON NetLink PRO Compact is one of the best-selling products for programming and collecting data from the SIMATIC S7-300 and S7-400 PLCs over Ethernet.

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The ACCON NetLink PRO Compact is a unique miniature adapter that enables you to connect your computer to the SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-200/-300/-400 controllers and SIEMENS HMIs over Ethernet.

The adapter converts the MPI, PPI and PROFIBUS communication protocols to Ethernet, thus representing a more affordable alternative to the SIMATIC NET communication processor and other similar communication interfaces. The adapter comes with drivers for the PG/PC Interface of such programs as the STEP7, TIA Portal, WinCC and ProTool/Pro. What this essentially means is that you do not need to add the adapter to the project's hardware configuration. With these drivers, you can configure the adapter very fast and set it as the interface between yourself and the control system.

Apart from PLC programming, this adapter is often used for continuous data collection and its transfer to such applications as OPC servers (e.g. the KEPServerEX connectivity platform and one of its drivers, the Siemens Suite).

ACCON NetLink Pro Compact

The electronic components of the ACCON NetLink PRO Compact are housed in the piggyback CANON connector itself. By connecting the adapter to a device's MPI/PPI/PROFIBUS port, you do not make that port inaccessible but keep it available for other devices to connect to.

The ACCON NetLink PRO Compact is supplied with power from the port of the PLC that it is connected to. If this port does not provide a voltage of +5VDC, the adapter can be supplied with external power – with +24VDC.

The adapter is fully automatic, but can also be set up manually via an Internet browser. It automatically detects the network's communication protocol and its transfer rate, which can be up to 12 Mbit/s for PROFIBUS. In addition, the ACCON NetLink PRO Compact is able to read/write data from/to up to 32× Simatic S7-200/-300/-400 PLCs at a time. Data can be processed over Ethernet by up to 16 applications at a time (e.g. an OPC server, STEP 7, TIA Portal, backup programs, etc.).

Is it better to connect to the SIMATIC via Ethernet or USB?

As the ACCON NetLink PRO Compact enables you to connect the SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-200/-300/-400 controllers to Ethernet, it is often deployed in projects where you can find the SIMATIC S7-300/-400 controllers without the Ethernet interface. The adapter is also suitable for making on-site programmatic modifications where you need to connect to a PLC, make necessary changes to the program and disconnect. For this to work, both the adapter's and the computer's IP addresses need to be set to be in the same IP range. For these kinds of modifications, you may find that the ACCON NetLink USB Compact is a better solution.

The ACCON NetLink USB Compact requires minimal configuration and offers fast setup. However, as it features the USB interface, it is not suitable for continuous data collection and provides only limited manual configuration options. Moreover, the adapter comes with a 2-metre USB cable, which means that you have to set up your computer near the control system. If these downsides are not a problem for you and you only need an adapter for service programming and program backup, the ACCON NetLink USB Compact is the right choice.

Programming the SIMATIC S7-200, S7-300 and S7-400 PLCs Over Ethernet

You only need to connect the ACCON NetLink PRO Compact to a free MPI/PPI/PROFIBUS port and it will autodetect the protocol and the transfer rate. Then you have to set the adapter's and the computer's IP addresses, install and configure drivers in the PG/PC Interface and the adapter is ready for use. In the STEP 7 / TIA in the Diagnostics dialog, simply click the Read button. If everything is set up the way that it should, you will see addresses of Master devices on the network. That is it!

Programování S7-300, S7-400_NetLink_FOXON

Collecting Data From the SIMATIC S7-200, S7-300 and S7-400 Over Ethernet

In FOXON, we use the ACCON Netlink PRO Compact for continuous collection of data from the S7-300/400 PLCs and its transfer to KEPServerEX via the server's Siemens Suite. We find that this application works perfect. With obsolete SIEMENS S7 controllers, it is often impossible to install the SIMATIC NET communication processor – there is not enough space for the processor or it is impossible to modify the PLC's hardware project. Simply connect the ACCON NetLink PRO Compact to a PLC's MPI/PROFIBUS port. That is all you have to do. You do not need to make any changes to the project or the PLC configuration. No additional power supply is required.

Sběr dat po TCP/IP_FOXON

Two-Way Communication

The adapter supports two-way data transfer, which means that it enables you to read/write data from/to PLCs.

Bus Type and Transfer Rate Autodetect Feature

Every programmer knows how time-consuming it is and what it takes to set the transfer rate manually. The ACCON Netlink PRO Compact autodetects the transfer rate for you. Nevertheless, if you prefer to set the bus type and the transfer rate manually, you can do it via the adapter's web interface or the PG/PC interface.

Konfigurace - webové rozhraní


Supplying the Adapter With Power

The adapter is supplied with power from a PLC's port (95% of devices provide this power supply). The adapter can also be supplied with power from an external 24VDC power supply.


The ACCON NetLink PRO Compact is ideal for programming purposes as well as continuous data collection. It is typically used for the following purposes:

  • Programming adapter that allows for modifying / backing up a PLC program in the STEP 7 / TIA Portal
  • Communication adapter that enables visualisation in visualisation software
  • Communication adapter that allows for access to PLC data
  • Programming HMI devices using WinCC Flexible
  • Interconnecting visualisation software with a PLC using the TCP/IP protocol
  • Remote access to a PLC via the Internet (VPN)

Remote PLC Programming (PPI/MPI/PROFIBUS)

Connect the adapter to a VPN network and access your SIMATIC S7 controllers remotely. In FOXON, for easy management we use the ACCON NetLink PRO Compact along with the Ewon Cosy 131 (for remote access) or Ewon Flexy 205 (for remote access, data collection and visualisation). This combination allows for quick access to MPI/PPI/PROFIBUS serial ports (typically of obsolete SIMATIC S7-300/-400 controllers) as well as the Ethernet interface of the new SIMATIC S7-1200/-1500 PLCs. In either case, you do not need to modify a PLC's hardware project.

Vzdálené programování PLC (STEP 7)

Backing up the S7-300/400 PLC Programs

We often find that customers do not back up their PLC programs. The importance of PLC program backup should not be underestimated. We recommend that you perform regular program backups, plus whenever you modify the program. For PLC program backup, we use the ACCON S7 Backup software from the company Deltalogic.

Automatic PLC Program Backup for the S7-300/400 Controllers

Performing PLC program backup for all of your controllers can be time-consuming and annoying. If you have the ACCON NetLink PRO Compact adapters and the ACCON S7 Backup software, your PLC programs can be backed up automatically.

Drivers for STEP 7, TIA Portal, MicroWIN, ProTool and WinCC

The adapter comes with drivers for the PG/PC Interface of SIEMENS programs. These drivers are freely available for download in the Downloads tab.

PG/PC Interface (STEP 7)

For you to be able to connect the adapter to a PLC/HMI, you need to open the PG/PC Interface and choose the right driver. The drivers that are available are sorted by interface (PROFIBUS, MPI or PPI) and by adapter (NetLink PRO (Ethernet) or NetLink USB).

When you have opened the PG/PC Interface, choose and set the right driver.

PG/PC Interface_1

Next, find your adapter and set the adapter's IP address according to your computer's IP range.

PG/PC Interface_2

From a list of adapters, select the configured adapter (the list can contain other configured adapters, which you saved before).

PG/PC Interface_3

Click Diagnostics, tick Read MLFB number and then click Read. If you can see the adapter's address (e.g. 12) and the PLC's/HMI's address (e.g. 2), everything has been set the way it should. If not, an error dialog will pop up, after which you will need to fix the error in the configuration.PG/PC Interface_4



ACCON S7 NETzip3.5.0.313.11 MB

This driver installs new Interface Parameter Assignments of the type ACCON-NetLink and ACCON-TeleService. These parameter settings are then eligible in the control panel applet "Set PG/PC Interface".

SetupACCONfigurator.zipzip20187.35 MB

Software to update firmware and configure the ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact

PG/PC interfacezipv2.0127.77 MB

PG/PC interface for communication with Siemens PLC/HMI

Manufacturer’s documentation

ACCON NetLink PRO Compact - manualpdf2019-041.50 MB

User manual - shows the handling of the ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact and explains signaling functions.

First Steps with ACCON-NetLinkpdf2019-0484.06 kB

Document in English language

DELTA LOGIC - company presentationpdf2019-07472.42 kB
ACCON NetLink PRO Compact – datasheetpdf2019-04190.43 kB

Marketing brochure with technical information


Supported operating systemsNo limitations (the Driver for SIMATIC ACCON-S7-NET is only for Windows XP, 2003R2, 7, 2008R2, 8.1, 2012R2, 10)
Hardware requirementsEthernet interface and TCP/IP protocol
Supported PLCsS7-200, S7-300, S7-400
Weight in kgca. 0.1
Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm64 x 40 x 17
Protection typeIP 20
Supply voltage24 VDC ±25 %
External voltage feed possibleYes
Power consumption75 mA
Galvanically isolatedYes
Operating temperature0 °C to 60 °C
Allowed relative humidityOperation 5 % to 85 % at 30 °C
storage 5 % to 93 % at 40 °C
Ethernet connectionRJ45 bushing
Ethernet interface10 Base-T / 100 Base-TX
Supported transmission rates Ethernet10/100 Mbps with automatic detection (10 Base-T and 100 Base-TX)
Max. number of connections to TCP/IP16
Supported bus systemsPROFIBUS, MPI, PPI
Supported bus profilesMPI and PROFIBUS (DP, Standard, Universal (DP/FMS), User-Defined) both fixed and even with automatic detection of the bus parameter, PPI
Supported transmission rates of the bus connection to the PLC9.6 Kbps to 12 Mbps with automatic detection
Max. number of connections to MPI, PROFIBUS, PPI32
Supported softwareACCON-AGLink, ACCON-S7-EasyLog, DELTALOGIC S7/S5-OPC-Server, ACCON-S7-Backup, ACCON-NCK-Explorer.
With the driver for SIMATIC ACCON-S7-NET you can additionally use SIMATIC Manager from V5.3, WinCC 6.0, WinCC flexible, ProTool, STEP 7-Micro/WIN, TIA Portal

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