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OPC Router

The OPC Router is a software application that can connect systems vertically as well as horizontally, for example such systems as sensors, control systems, OPC servers, files, printers and readers to printers, databases, MES, ERP and the cloud.

Try OPC Router for free and install the free 2-hour trial version.*

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OPC Router | schema

How OPC Router Works

The OPC Router is a modular system that consists of the Basic module and plug-in modules. Your choice of plug-in modules depends on...

where from and where to you need to transfer data.

A single OPC Router PC installation (see the picture below) requires the Basic module and at least one plug-in module. You also need to purchase the Year 1 Support & Maintenance package for the first year. It will automatically be added to your basket. When it has expired or during the first year, you can purchase Support & Maintenance for subsequent years.

*If you would like to try the OPC Router for a longer period of time, we can provide you with the free trial version for up to 7 days. For more information, please contact our Technical Support.


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