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OPC Servers – Other Manufacturers

Apart from Kepware's OPC products, our portfolio includes OPC servers from other manufacturers. One of them is the German company Deltalogic, offering its OPC server for SIEMENS systems.
If you need to read data from the SIEMENS S5/S7/LOGO! PLC controllers and pass it on to OPC DA client via OPC server, the Deltalogic OPC server is a good solution. However, if you need to read data from systems from various manufacturers and send it to OPC DA/UA client, an ODBC database or the REST/MQTT interface, we recommend that you choose Kepware's KEPServerEX communications platform.

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opcen / 07/12/2016

Transferring a KEPServerEX V5 Software License

In order to transfer a software license for a Kepware product from one computer to another, you first need to deposit it in a M...
opcen / 07/12/2016

Unlocking the Full Version of KEPServerEX V5 Using the HW Key

Another way to unlock the full version of KEPServerEX v5 is through the hardware key. In this article, we are going to show you...
opcen / 07/12/2016

Activating a Software License for KEPServerEX V5

Kepware products can be unlocked for full-time use using a software license. In this article, we are going to show you how to r...
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