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eWON Routers

eWON industrial routers from the company HMS are one of the most popular solutions for remote access to control systems via the Internet. With remote access now being the standard functionality in routers, eWON is one of the few solutions that offer more.
They can read / write data from / to remote control systems, log it to their on-board memory and send it to remote computers, databases, visualisation applications via a secure Internet connection. In addition, they enable you to remotely control various control systems, for example from your PC or mobile.

You can use eWON solutions for:

  • Remote access to a production line via the Internet
  • Continuous collection of data from remote sites and transfer of this data to a PC
  • Temporary remote access to a new production line during its warranty period
  • Local collection of data from PLCs and its transfer to such higher systems as MES/ERP
  • Production line data visualisation in a web browser
  • Production line data storage in the router's internal memory
  • Monitoring production lines via the router's alarm system (SMS/email)
  • Manual remote control of selected processes


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