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Backup Batteries

One of the main points on the maintenance agenda before any planned long-term downtime is the condition of backup batteries in PLC systems, frequency inverters and HMI panels. It is essential that this point does not get left out. During planned downtime in summer and at Christmas as well as during unplanned downtime, it is exactly these batteries that help the machines mentioned above hold data in their memory.

When and how to choose new backup batteries?

Check if your batteries are in good health and replace the ones that are near the end of their lifetime. When assessing their condition, see and go by the lifetime given by the manufacturer. The battery condition indicator usually informs you of poor condition when it is too late.

In our online shop, you can find many different types of backup batteries for various systems from a large number of manufacturers. This enables you to order all the batteries that you need in a single purchase and save time.

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